We have created a virtual reading room where you can read (searchable) versions of previous magazines and masonic publications and books.

To get the ball rolling I have assembled all editions of the New Zealand Freemasons Magazine  back to March, 2009 and all copies of Freemasonry Today (the quarterly magazine of the United Grand Lodge of England) back to March, 2011.

To make things even more enjoyable I have mustered up a collection of more than 300 masonic books dating back to the 1700’s. There is an amazing amount of material in these books - many of them esoteric - and several just downright weird.

If you have copies of digital magazines that are allowed to be viewed online without payment of a fee - please email them to me by clicking here. I will create a new bookshelf and post a link to the reading room.

I am also in the process of scanning 10 years worth of "The Square - The Independant Magazine for Freemasons". I really like the pithy style of this magazine - they don't beat about the bush - and tell it as it is. I am awaiting approval from their editing committee to publish it online. Check back in a while.

New Zealand Freemason Magazine - Virtual Reading Room
Freemaonsry Today (UGLE)  -Virtual Reading Room
300 Years of Masonic Writings - Virtual Reading Room