Southern Division
Based along the same lines as the Southland provincial boundary, the Southland District is home to New Zealand’s southernmost lodges. The Southern Cross Lodge was one of the earliest in New Zealand being formed in 1864. In its first year 41 candidates were initiated, 21 affiliates joined and the lodge met more than twenty times. The lodge was considered a foundation member when the Grand Lodge of New Zealand was established in 1890. Although it took some negotiation, by 1906 all of Southland’s lodges had joined the New Zealand Constitution – the only province to do so. In 1925 Southern Cross Lodge and others in Invercargill banded together to construct the splendid Greek revival style Masonic Hall in Forth Street. Designed by Broderick and Royd and completed in 1926, today it has a Category 1 Heritage New Zealand designation.

The 12 district lodges are well spread throughout the area and cater for around 450 members.

The full list of lodges in the district (and where they meet) are:

The Mokoreta Lodge No. 63
The Fortitude Lodge No. 64
Lodge St John No. 94
Lodge Winton No. 108
The Wallace Lodge No. 129
Waikaka Lodge No. 151
Lodge Waihopai No. 189
Lodge Switzers No. 223
The Lodge of Remembrance No. 318
Research Lodge of Southland No. 415
Lodge Kakapo No. 471