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Canterbury District Newsletter November 2021 #7

The current Freemasons NZ Covid 19 framework for Alert Levels remains in place as outlined by the Grand Master’s letter dated 22 September 2021. Freemasons New Zealand is still awaiting further certainty on the NZ Government ‘Traffic Light” system and decisions in relation to timing and requirements. Our Grand Master MW Bro Graham Wrigley and the National Executive hope to be able to make further announcements in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we can continue as allowed within the various Alert Levels and your Lodge Mitigation Plan.


01: The 125th Anniversary of The Avon Shirley Lodge No. 185  1896-2021.

In Christchurch 1896 it appears to have been an established custom of the District Grand Lodge to appoint 6x District Grand Stewards each year and at that time the suggestion of establishing a Lodge of Grand Stewards was proposed. This was well received and at the Warners Commercial Hotel a preliminary meeting was held to discuss the matter. It was agreed to found a new Lodge and for it be called The District Grand Stewards Lodge of Canterbury No. 2627 EC.

An inaugural meeting was held on Thursday 16 July 1896 at St Augustine Masonic Hall, Manchester St, Christchurch and included visitors from The Canterbury Lodge 1048 EC, The St Albans Lodge 2597 EC, Conyors Lodge 1916 EC, Robert Burns Lodge 604 SC and Crown Lodge 965 SC. The Master-Elect read the petition for granting of a Charter, after which the District Grand Secretary presented the brethren assembled with a provisional Charter, which was later replaced with a Warrant of Constitution under the hand and seal of the MW Grand Master of England.

The Consecration Ceremony proceeded and the Deputy District Grand Master declared the Lodge consecrated, constituted and dedicated, and was followed by a ceremony of Installation. W Bro W M Clarke was installed as the first Worshipful Master.  Thus, we had the founding of a new Lodge and in 1896 this was a key event in the history of Canterbury.  During these early years the MW Grand Master of England officially recognized The Grand Lodge of New Zealand, and after changing name on 6th July 1906 to Avon Lodge No.2627EC, a petition to change allegiance to the Grand Lodge of New Zealand was submitted.

On the 7th September 1911, at a meeting attended by over 140 brethren, and including The Grand Lodge of NZ and Provincial Grand Lodge of Canterbury EC, The Avon Lodge received a new Charter from The Grand Lodge of NZ and became The Avon Lodge No. 185 and retained the right to its own ritual (English Emulation), which is a point of difference that still exists to this day.

In the years that followed a new meeting place for the Masonic Lodges in Canterbury was constructed in Gloucester St, Christchurch and The Avon Lodge No.185 and others moved to a new home. Attendance appears to have been much higher than it is today, with an example being an Installation held on 2nd Sept 1920; 68 Avon Brethren and 322 Visitors attended the installation making a total of 390 brethren in attendance. This would have been quite the sight to see!

The Gloucester St building closed on 18 June 1993 and after moving to the Latimer St Freemasons Centre the lodge celebrated it’s Centenary on 20th July 1996 with a reconstitution and re-dedication Meeting in the presence of the Grand Master MW Bro D M Holmes. The Lodge held its last meeting at the Latimer Square Freemasons Centre in 2002 when this Centre was closed and the Lodge relocated to the Cashmere Masonic Hall.

In the years which followed several meetings were held between The Avon Lodge and Lodge Shirley. After careful consideration a relocation to the Shirley Masonic Hall took place and W Bro A D McGIll was first Master of The Avon Shirley Lodge, when on 7 April 2010 MW Bro Stan Barker, Grand Master, gave his approval for an amalgamation and the Lodge name changed to The Avon Shirley Lodge No185.

Yet another move after the Canterbury Earthquakes when the Lodge temporarily resided in the New Brighton Masonic Hall before finally returning to the newly built Canterbury Freemason Centre, where it resides today.

The Avon Shirley Lodge No.185 members and visitors celebrated 125 Years on the  16th October 2021 at the Canterbury Freemasons Centre.

The MW Grand Master MW Bro Graham Wrigley attended the 125th Anniversary and presented W Bro SJN Whitfield with his 5o year Service Badge. W Bro Whitfield is a long serving member of the Avon Shirley Lodge No.185 and is the current Organist.

A proud moment for W Bro Whitfied when  he received his 50 year badge from the MW  Grand Master. Stan has served Freemasonry well over many years and is one of a few Masons whom have served NZ at Antartica and he belongs an exclusive club of Masons whom have met on the Ice Continent.

W Bro Blackmur IPM received his Jewel on behalf of the Lodge from W Bro McGill.

W Bro Andy Blackmur IPM speaks to the Lodge after receiving his Past Masters Certificate from the District Grand Master and Lodge Jewel from W Bro Alan McGill.

A meeting was held on Saturday 16th October 2021 to celebrate the 125th Anniversary and included; a formal visit by the MW Grand Master MW Bro Graham Wrigley, a history of 125 years presented by the VW District Grand Master VW Bro Michael Wooding, an unveiling of the original foundation stone from Gloucester St which has been restored by Bro Dean Johnstone, a 50 year service badge presented to W Bro Stan Whitfield, and was followed by a special banquet attended by over 70 people.

New Worshipul Master W Bro Ian Morriss was overwelmed by the many warm and generous congratulations he received following his Installation.

The current longest serving member W Bro Tony Waters cuts the cake and assisted by the newest member Bro Peter Bradley


02: 60 Years in Freemasonry

Clive Weir was Initiated into Freemasonry in 1961 at Aparima Lodge No. 77 and was Installed as Worshipful Master in 1972. Clive then moved to Akaroa with his wife Wendy and joined The Phoenix Lodge No.43 and has served this Lodge twice as Worshipful Master, 1995 and more recently in 2021, as well as many years as the Lodge Almoner.  

You would think after 60 years service Clive might be looking to ease off a little but this would not be Clive’s way. He is a regular attendee and supporter of the local Akaroa Church, keeps a wonderful garden and is often seen visiting Lodge’s about Canterbury in support of new Master, Worshipful Brother Orest Tarnawsky, as well as visiting MacKenzie Lodge No.93 in Fairlie where Clive is also a member. Freemasonry has been a large part of Clive’s life and he has always set a wonderful example for the benefit of others.

W Bro Clive Weir of the Phoenix Lodge No 43


03:  Out and About

Lodge Of Progress No.22

W Bro Warren Greenwood conducted his Masters Last Night in true masonic manner and style.

Bro Painter answered the test questions perfectly and was passed to the Second Degree. Congratulations Bro Painter on becoming a Fellowcraft !

W Bro Warren Greenwood speaks to the brethren  in the refectory for the last time as Worshipful Master.

W Bro Grant Clausen, member and Past Master of Lodge of Progress No.22, was thanked and congratulated for his continued hard work both in the Lodge and about the District by RW Bro Bob Wright PGW. Grant is like the energizer bunny, he is always on the go and never stops working, and I seen here with VW Bro Allen Cameron District Grand Master District No.23 at a rehearsal for the recent MW Grand Master’s visit.

Ready for the fanfare for the reception of the Most Worshipful Grand Master at the Avon Shirley Lodge No.185 125th Anniversary

United Forces Lodge No.245

W Bro BJ Clark QSM was recently Installed as Worshipful Master of United Forces Lodge No.245 by Installing Master RW Bro NF Patrick OSM P Dep GM. RW Bro Patrick was invited by the District Grand Master to conduct the Installation, did a great job and thoroughly enjoyed getting “back in the saddle” again !

Congratulations to both !

Unity Lodge No.271

Congratulations to W Bro John Cole RH who was recently Installed as Worshipful Master of  Unity Lodge No.271 by Installing Master VW Bro David McCliskie.

Lincoln Lodge No. 33

Worshipful Brother Russell Brents was Installed as Worshipful Master of The Lincoln Lodge No. 33 on Tuesday 2nd November 2021.


04: Upcoming Events

If any brother would like to know about upcoming Lodge events:

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Monday 8th November 7pm:

The Installation of Worshipful Brother John Scott as Master of Lodge of Progress No.22 at the Lincoln Masonic Hall.

Saturday 20th November 7pm: The Installation of Worshipful Brother Phillip Rowe as Master of The Pegasus Daylight Lodge No.450 at the Canterbury Freemasons Centre.

Thursday 2nd December 7pm

The Installation of Brother Brent McKinnon as Master of The Crown Lodge No. 138, at the Canterbury Freemasons Centre.

Friday 3rd December 2pm:

The Installation of Worshipful Brother Alan McGill as Master of Lodge of Endeavour No.504 at the Canterbury Club, 129 Cambridge Tce, Christchurch.

Sunday 12th December 11am: The Worshipful Master and Brethren of Lodge Doric Brighton No. 236 cordially invite you to the 49th Annual Thanks Giving Service at the Canterbury Freemasons Centre. Please RSVP to W Bro Clive Chandler: 021 0590471

Luncheon of The Pegasus Daylight Lodge No 450

As District GM I was invited to attend the luncheon.

32 Ladies and Brethren attended Servantis Restaurant in Christchurch to celebrate 30 Years since the Lodge began. The honour of cutting the anniversary cake went to W Bro Dave King and Mrs Ruth Parkin, wife of the late W Bro Parkin, who were founding members of the Lodge. A very happy and convivial crowd met and enjoyed the Lunch on what was a beautiful spring day in Christchurch.

Pegasus Daylight Lodge meets eight times a year, during the day and provides Freemasonry and social activities for brethren and ladies who prefer to travel during the day. 

The motto of the Lodge is "Daylight Gold for the Old and the Bold”

The name of the main bay east of Christchurch is Pegasus Bay.

RW Bro Rob Angelo may have more information regarding Lodge background and the anniversary meeting in the Lodge room,  I was unable to attend this part of the celebration , hence I have copied Rob in this email and he may choose to add to my report.

VW Bro Stan Hackwell, P Dist GM, with Pegasus. A mythical winged devine horse, he donated to the Lodge on 13 November 2006, when he was the District GM.


The Roll of Honour Corner: W Bros’  Ross Cornish, David Hannah, Jim Gilmour, Alvyn Finlayson putting the world to right.


Front row: Mrs Ruth Parkin and W Bro King Back row:  W Bro Barry Brinson, Philip Rowe (Worshipful Master), Malcolm Johnson, Mrs Jenny Fright


Stan Hackwell and the Worshipful Master W Bro Phillip Rowe, Past District GDC


The Ladies and Brethren enjoying the Luncheon


The Ladies and Brethren enjoying the Luncheon