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Marlborough Freemasonry

Ceremony of Installation – Lodge Eckford No 334


Saturday 27th August meeting hosted brethren from the region for the Installation of W Bro Williams & Officers for the 2022-23 masonic year. Installing Officer, VW Bro A Cameron, representing the Grand lodge was assisted by Officers of District 23 – Marlborough/Nelson/West Coast. It is the last Marlborough Installation for this term by District 23 Officers.


A special 25 year & 50 year Jewel was awarded to W Bro Hughes, Past Lodge Almoner when the Lodge was opened and called off on Saturday morning. RW Bro Halliday presented W Bro Hughes with his well earned award. W Bro Hughes was presented with a floral gift for Mrs Hughes from the Brethren, organised by W Bro Williams.


The day was well celebrated with toasts hosted in the Charles Street refectory followed by a relaxed dinner in the Taylor room at The Clubs of Marlborough.

It will be a term filled with challenges, but equally opportunities for the Lodge and wider Masonic fraternity.


The dinner at the Clubs was accompanied by a monster Game of Chance, with the following prizes: Seasonal fruit and vegetable box – citrus, kale, spinach, rhubarb, homemade lemon cordial, kumi kumi, homemade bottles horse radish and a bottle of Liquid worm fertilizer; A gourmet hamper – donated by Mr & Mrs H Williams, multiple bottles of wine, sparkling Chandon, whiskey, and RTD gift packs.


A big thank you Bro Ingpen from the Woodbourne tavern for a significant proportion of the prizes. A special thanks to Mrs Mel Webb for co-ordinating the afternoon for the ladies, a lot of effort went into a movie afternoon at the local cinema, with refreshments at Charles street early afternoon provided.


First time Master – The Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity No.106


The August Installation of W. Bro Bevan Kenny was a special ceremony. Bro Kenny, a master mason was placed in the Chair of King Solomon by Installing Officer, VW Bro Cameron. The District Grand Master was accompanied by Officers of Grand Lodge, visiting Masters and assembled brethren from District 23.


The Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity No 106, transferred to the Grand Lodge of New Zealand on 4th May 1896. It originally opened 16th November 1869 No. 1236, English Constitution. W Bro Kenny joins a list of Worshipful Brethren stretching back over 150 years in this leadership role.


A successful Refectory Dinner in the Charles street Masonic centre Blenheim followed the ceremony with masonic friends and family. W Bro Kenny’s Masters’ response to one toast was electric and was well received by those assembled.


Passing a Fellowcraft Mason


At the August meeting of Lodge Havelock No 104, Bro N Frost was passed to the Fellowraft degree. Candidates are now mid-way in their masonic journey ceremonially. Superior to an Apprentice, but yet to render their journey masonic complete. Bro. Frost was first presented the First degree tracing board by W Bro McFarlane. It is an impressive charge with a huge degree of content, meanings, symbols and learnings.


They are directed to make the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences their main areas of study and learning. The number 7 is significant in the craft. The three who rule a lodge, 5 to hold a lodge, and 7 to make it perfect. In addition, square conduct, level steps and upright intentions are the important tenants of the Second degree in Masonry.



New Master Mason – Waitohi No.111


At the July Regular meeting at Lodge Waitohi No.111 (Picton) Bro G. Horscroft was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.


Lodge Master W Bro Hammond conveyed thanks to the visiting Brethren who came to see his first working as Master of the lodge. Bro Greg congratulations, you and your wife will be a great asset to the lodge and to Freemasonry.


The third degree directs candidates to consider the twilight of their journey in life, endings and reflections of the path of man in all its intricate windings. The Masonic fraternity looks forward to seeing Bro Horscroft around the region visiting and building masonic connections.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Lodge Wairau No 42 – Initiation


The Regular July meeting of Lodge Wairau in Blenheim at the Blenheim Masonic centre, Charles street was an eventful night. In particular, the Lodge initiated a new brother into the craft. Bro. J. Andaya can now call Wairau No 42 his mother lodge, as its latest Entered Apprentice.


The Marlborough Masonic community anticipates and wishes our new brother the best regards in his life-long journey, of fellowship, enjoyment, and learning. It takes just one step.


A Fusion BBQ of Cultures


A true fusion of New Zealand & Philippines culture - slow cooked BBQ buffet. A huge thank you to the organisers, families and brethren from the 6 Marlborough Lodges. This Culinary event was our annual Mid-winter dinner. The Charles Street Masonic Centre hosted members from Lodge: Unaminity, Wairau, Eckford, Waitohi, Awatere, and Havelock.


Thirty-one guests enjoyed: Slow roast lamb, slow cooked pork, chicken, salads, rice and accompanying dishes. There was enough food for guests to take home, who were impressed with flavoursome dishes, friendship, and fellowship.


Children were entertained with digital streaming tv movies, popcorn and sodas. A complimentary range of refreshments were available: Beers, rum, whiskey, juice, soft drinks, and Cloudy bay Estate wines.


Bro Figuracion delivered a run-down of each dish, the significance of the dinner and an important cultural context. Special thanks to Bros. Jarlega & Yukoya - Lodge Unanimity, Bros Figuracion & Batoon & Slape- Lodge Wairau-Eckford + families for sharing such a wonderful evening with the wider Masonic Community.


Tracing Board for 3 Entered Apprentices


At the July meeting of Lodge Havelock No 104 was the presentation of the First Degree tracing board to three Entered Apprentices. Of special note, VW Bro Nees from Lodge Nelson accompanied by Bro. H. Sidorak Castro, an new Entered Apprentice from the Nelson region made his first fraternal visit to the Marlborough region.


It was a great opportunity for the newly initiated brother to see the inside of a working Lodge. Bros Fourie and Hartley were joined in the North-East for the evening. W Bro. McFarlane delivered the Tracing board to the three brethren. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening of Masonic fellowship.

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Matariki New Year Celebration



Lodge Waitohi’s June meeting was very special, being the night before our very first Matariki National holiday in New Zealand.


The lodge asked Shaun Wharehoka to present an explanation on the constellation known as Matariki., the 7 Sisters and recognised throughout the World in many cultures over many thousands of years. The Mayan people identified 13 stars in the cluster, how did they know? We can in modern times identify using telescopes this cluster in its totality.


The rising of this star cluster marks the new year in winter and has assisted generations in resetting life’s activities, coming to rest, celebrate, reflect and plan for the next 12 months. Crop planting for the coming year may be reflected in observations of Matariki and forms an important milestone in the calender year. Departed loved ones are acknowledged after 12 months allowing their energy to be released to the cosmos.


Waitohi Lodge invited family and friends to this event with 45 people attending and were riveted to Shaun's presentation. All the visitors and brethren were able to take away a little bit more knowledge after the presentation. Afterwards all the visitors enjoyed refectory (supper) together.


The evening had a great energy, with Lodge Master, W Bro Hammond exclaiming, “What an awesome night!!” Many thanks to Shaun and the Brethren along with family, friends who attended. The visitors made the night a one we will remember for some time.

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Marlborough Freemasonry


Lodge Awatere – Installation



The recent Installation of W Bro. PG. Barker saw him re-enter the WM role for a second term. W Bro Barkers enthusiasm, leadership, and support of the Craft in the District was evident at the day’s proceedings.


VW Bro Cameron, District GM, District 23 was the installing Officer, with a good contingent of Grand Lodge Officers in attendance. W Bro Barker has a good team around him, which makes for a supportive year in the Chair of King Solomon.


In a special presentation at the conclusion of the Installation, W Bro Gibbs from the Waitohi Lodge received a special mention, as Lodge Awatere’s Tyler and Steward.  W Bro Gibbs assistance to the craft lodges has been recognized in the past with his inclusion of the Freemasons NZ Roll of Honour.


A banquet was hosted by the Clubs of Marlborough, with an eagerly anticipated Game of Chance raffle draws. It was an enjoyable conclusion for a full day of Masonic activity.


Double Initiation – Lodge Havelock



The Regular June meeting of Lodge Havelock was a must see event. The Lodge Initiated Bro Fourie and Bro Hartley in a well planned and executed double Entered Apprentice ceremony.  W Bro B Cameron is the sitting Master at Lodge Havelock.


Lodge Havelock has a full programme for the next masonic year, with three Entered Apprentices to be progressed. The Masonic visitors on this evening impressed by the candidates as well as the Masonic spirit and fellowship.


We look forward to both candidates advancement in the coming months and their life long masonic journey. Junior Deacon, Bro Kimber did a fine job of guiding both candidates. From the evening, it was obvious he had worked hard with the support of Havelock Brethren in a polished ceremony.


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Sublime Degree of Master Mason


At a meeting of local Masonic co-operation, Lodge Eckford 334 raised Bro. Figuracion, a member from Lodge Wairau No. 42. The disruption of covid lock downs had meant Bro Figuracion was a Fellowcraft mason for some time.


The evening coincided with the Grand Lodge Official visit by VW Bro. Allan Cameron, accompanied by Grand Lodge Officers. It was a pleasure and an honour to raise Bro Clarke to the sublime Degree of Master mason. He did exceptionally well on this test questions of the Second degree. Proficiency must be demonstrated for advancement.


A special thanks to Bro Malin of Lodge Awatere, filling a spot at Senior deacon. Bro Malin’s role in the night ensured a smooth ceremony guiding and reassuring the candidate on his journey to becoming a Master Mason.


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Top of the South Research Lodge Installation


The Top of the South Research lodge No 470 conducted a ceremony of Installation at the Charles Street Masonic Centre in Blenheim at the end of May. Covid disruptions shifted the meeting by dispensation. Brethren from Marlborough, Nelson and the West coast were in attendance.


The ceremony of Installation was presided over by District GM VW Bro Cameron, accompanied by Grand Lodge Officers. W Bro H.J Lundt was invested into the chair of King Solomon on this occasion.


VW Bro Cameron used the opportunity in refectory to communicate a new direction and purpose for Research Lodges nationwide. In essence, they were to work closely with Lodges in the district to deliver Masonic education in terms of first principles, de-mystifying degree ceremony content, meanings, and learnings. As well as instructing all brethren on the finer points of Freemasonry to raise the overall knowledge base amongst the membership.


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Waitohi Installation


On Saturday 28th May the Waitohi Lodge Received VW Bro Allan Cameron District GM and officers of Grand Lodge into the lodge to perform the ceremony of installation. Worshipful Master elect Bro Craig Hammond was installed into the chair of Solomon and the Officers invested for the 2022-23  year.  During the afternoon our masonic ladies were given a tour of the Edwin Fox Museum. The Brethren and ladies met up at the Picton school hall for a hearty dinner. A special presentation was conducted to award W Bro Allan Beck to the  Roll of Honor. It was a fitting award for the service W Bro Beck has contributed during many years in the craft, alongside the Installation.


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Lodge Wairau – Raising a Master Mason


The Regular meeting in the month of May at Lodge Wairau No. 42 was a Master masons working. Bro. del Rosario was raised to the sublime degree of Master mason. W Bro Kydd was in the chair of Kind Solomon. The Master masons degree directs candidates to consider the emblems of Mortality, especially to reflect on one’s life and progression through from birth to death. Most importantly to consider the special bond of brotherhood and mutual support offered by Master masons. The working was conducted by a mix of brethren from the Marlborough region alongside Wairau brethren.

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Marlborough Freemasonry


Raising a Master Mason – Eketahuna


An extra special fraternal visit to Lodge Te Puni in Wellington by Lodge Waitohi and accompanying Marlborough brethren took place recently. Hosted by Lodge Te Puni, at no cost to the visitors, a coach chartered by the lodge ventured North to Eketahuna.


Fellowcraft Bro Nicodemo From Waitohi lodge was the candidate to go through a unique version of the Third degree. It is one of few lodges to offer this experience to candidates. The Lodge exists solely to do the third degree, made up of brethren from Wellington and the surrounding districts.


Arriving and being met, transported by Lodge Te Puni Brethren off the Interislander ferry on Friday evening. Visitors were served with a range of food and refreshments by the host lodge. A night of merriment ensued, before returning to the accommodations. A few brethren continued festivities into the evening.


The Marlborough brethren were the first to board the coach which picked up Wellington brethren from the Hutt to Rimutaka. The two hour trip to Eketahuna was relatively straight forward.


There were 10 visiting Worshipful Masters, all six of the Marlborough Lodges was represented. Around 50 brethren were welcomed into the Lodge with many having charges or taking up Officers roles for the ceremony. Visitors came from: North island central, west coast, Bay of Plenty, with a group of Widows Sons motorcycle club present as well.


A banquet was held at the Eketanhuna Club with around 60 diners enjoying the festivities, comradeship and making new Masonic friends. One member relaying more masons were present on this occasion, than a previous visit by the Grand Master.


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Lodge Havelock Installation


This month the brethren from the Masonic community celebrated the Installation of W Bro Brian Cameron re-entering the chair of King Solomon and Officers for the 2022-23 year. The weekday event attracted a large number of visitors.


The Presiding-Installing Officer was VW Bro Allan Cameron, District GM, assisted by Officers of Grand Lodge Officers and visiting Worshipful Masters from District 23. The ceremony was held at the Brayshaw park Masonic hall in Blenheim. There were a number of Master Masons taking up roles for the first time as Officers, which is heartening.

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Marlborough Special Olympics – 200-day Countdown


At the invitation of the Marlborough Special Olympics Community, Marlborough Freemasons gathered to celebrate 200-day launch to the New Zealand Special Olympics in December 2022. The National body, Special Olympics NZ issued a special competition. Local athletes and supporters alongside Freemasons were challenged to participate in a photo competition. The winner gifted $500 towards travel expenses to the National games with Freemasons NZ having Major naming rights for the December games.


The Rarangi golf course was one venue of a 2-part photo shoot to propel the athletes closer to the National games. Local masons and Special Olympics golfers posed for photographs earlier this month. The second and winning regional photograph was set up at the Havelock Lodge rooms at Brayshaw historical park evening installation meeting for Lodge Havelock.


Athletes and coaches in tracksuit uniforms with District Grand master VW Bro Cameron, Grand Lodge Officers and W Bro. Barker, Master of Lodge Awatere become part of the photo shoot. The backdrop of the Havelock lodge rooms, athletes and assembled masons and silver “200” logo balloons made for a winning entry.


We look forward to supporting local athletes on their journey to the National games.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Fellowcraft Ceremony at Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity



At the Regular May meeting of The Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity passed Bro. Austin to the Second Degree. Sitting Master, W Bro McDonald assisted by Lodge Brethren conducted the Ceremony. Brother Austin made a fine job of his test questions of the First degree and carried himself well on the evening. It marks his midway journey in the craft degrees. His challenge is to study the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences: Grammar, logic, Rhetoric, Mathematics, Geometry, Astronomy and Music. By Square conduct, level steps, and upright intentions is how craftsmen are measured.

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RDA riding high from Community Assistance


The Marlborough branch of Riding for the Disabled recently were sparked into action when Goldie the Horse managed to escape through an electric fence enclosure. Manager Jo Ross required a suitable solution to ensure Goldie and the other horses remained within the bounds of the RDA facility.


The RDA reached out to local Freemasons, originally asking for $500. The RDA received $1000 for a solar enabled electric fence unit thanks to the funding from Lodge Awatere and Lodge Eckford in Blenheim. With assistance from the Freemasons Charity, a 1:1 subsidy was awarded to the project.


RDA manager Jo Ross explains, “Everything we can source from the community mean we can deliver our programmes in an affordable way, so that its accessible to everyone. It is fantastic to connect with local Freemasons who actively contribute to the community”.


Current Master of Lodge Awatere, Pete Barker and Master Chris Williams of Lodge Eckford elaborate, “Giving back to the local community is a part of what we do. It is answering an identified need by the local RDA because the horses play a massive role in the programmes delivered to young Mulburians. It certainly fits our criteria around youth, education and a beneficial community need”.


The new Solar powdered fence would allow for more mobility for the 13 horses at the Taylor Pass facility. Especially around better grazing options on the 26 hectare property.


Marlborough Riding for the Disabled was established in 1972. It is one of New Zealand’s largest groups for horse related activities and caters for people with physical, intellectual, emotional, and social challenges. Marlborough RDA is unique as it takes children into an early intervention programme, pre-primary school age and is very much in the therapy category. The centre operates with a handful of permanent staff alongside many volunteers.

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Photo Credit: B Ingram (Marlborough Express)



Remote Presentation for Marlborough Masons


The May meeting for Lodge Eckford in Blenheim was a Microsoft teams app presentation on the Fellowcraft degree. The education night was a first in many ways. Presenter VW Bro Marsh was beamed in from Nelson.


The technology that allowed this presentation was a Hotspot from a mobile phone using mobile data to form a connection to the internet. A laptop computer drove a digital data projector for the slides to be shown in the Lodge rooms.


Audio was boosted up by external plug-in speakers allowing all those attending crystal clear sound. The microphone on the computer allowed sufficient questioning of the presenter.


Bro Mike Malin  from Lodge Awatere was called on for a second element for the evening. He presented to the assembled brethren an outline of his life, family, US Airforce training, current role as Instructor in Avionics at Base Woodbourne and even some Masonic connections in his family. He discussed his hobbies and interests being recorded hit music – jazz and a love of home brewing. A great introduction and much appreciated Bro. Malin.

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Masonic Ladies Lunch


The recent Ladies lunch was held at Dodsons restaurant in Blenheim, attended by 9 Masonic ladies. The Renaissance brew pub is one of the busiest restaurants in Marlborough. It has a good selection of Craft beers, wines, and refreshing drinks on offer 7 days a week mid morning till early evening.


A family friendly menu is available with food inspired from Germany, Italy and kiwi favourites. Pizza and burgers are especially popular. The dining options include the original rustic main bar, restaurant or outdoors; - perfect in summer, after work or weekends.


The monthly lunch organising is rotated between Lodges with a different lunch venue on a monthly basis. Get in touch for future gatherings, all welcome.


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Fellowcraft working – Grand Lodge Officers


The Waitohi Lodge held the last Meeting for the current Worshipful Master’s term and his officers for the 2021/22 year was a little different. W Bro Smith handed the gavel to W Bro Chris Williams GS. The Waitohi Officers stepped aside allowing a Grand Lodge Officer to occupy the Chair of King Solomon and the Officers Chairs.


The Grand Lodge Officers then conducted a 2nd Degree working to Pass Bro Watkinson from The Forest Lodge to The Fellow craft Degree. The working well witnessed with close to 40 Brethren present from most lodges in the district. The fire destroying the Masonic Centre in Nelson meant it was the first time Bro Watkinson had entered an actual Lodge Room. A night the visiting brethren will remember with a great refectory ( supper ) afterwards.


The May meeting is a very important meeting for The Waitohi Lodge. It will be The installation meeting Held on Saturday 28th May. This is when the New Master is Installed. His officers invested with the Collar and Jewel for their position they have agreed to undertake for the next 12 Months. Bro Hammond will take the chair in what will be a masonic celebration.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Lodge of Unanimity – A Scottish Celebration


Masonic Visitors to the Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity were treated to a wholesome evening with a Scottish tradition, being an annual event hosted by Lodge Unanimity No. 106, at the Charles Street Blenheim Masonic Centre.

The Lodge was opened-up to all visitors, wives and partners for a special Presentation of local history from a strong Maori cultural perspective, delivered by Dr. Peter Meihana, a Senior Lecturer from Massey University originally from Marlborough, in the region during Covid times.

Dr. Meihana is the nephew of sitting Master W Bro. Lawerance McDonald. He spoke on the rich land use and connections of the people to region especially to the tribes, iwi, and wider tribal linkages of New Zealand. An interesting topic of Aqua culture using man made widened natural canals to trap fish using a series of gates with the high tides in the estuary system of the Wairau lagoons.

The evening was attended by V.W Bro. Cameron, District Grand Master accompanied by Grand Lodge Officers of District 23, Marlborough-Nelson-Westcoast District for the Lodge’s annual Official visit. V W Bro Cameron appreciated the nod to his Scottish roots as well as his wife’s family connection to local iwi in the Marlborough Sounds highlighted on the evening.

The purpose of the evening being to honour past member Andy Stewart. Bro Stewart left funds with the Lodge in his Estate. This legacy included instructions that an appropriate Scottish evening be held annually at the Lodge, in order to extend hospitality and Masonic friendship to all.

This tradition has been running for the last 30 years and was heartily attended by local brethren from the craft lodges. A piping in, blessing and toast to the Haggis was appreciated by all. Sharing of a wee dram alongside haggis and trimmings was enjoyed alongside the guests and partners who attended in addition to a good spread of finger foods, a game of chance and fraternal friendship.

Photo Credit (Massey University - Dr. Peter Meihana)

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Nelson Freemasonry

A new Fellowcraft at The Forest Lodge


A recent meeting of The Forest Lodge No.116 was the hosting of an Official Visit by District Grand Lodge Officers. Sitting Master W Bro. Chris Hobbs welcomed the Official party for the Regular meeting.

Forest brethren conducted an important working on this occasion. Bro Albert Oberholzer was passed to the Fellowcraft degree. The venue was at the Waimea Club in Richmond where District Grand Master VW Bro Allan Cameron sent greetings on the first call from the Grand Master, MW Bro Graham Wrigley.

It is pleasing to see a new mason progressing through the craft degrees. There is much learning, development and growth to be had for both Bro. Oberholzer and the brethren of The Forest Lodge. An invitation was extended for an end of month Grand Lodge working at Waitohi Lodge in Picton to the newly passed brother to attend as a visitor.

There will be a double Second degree, with one candidate from the Forest Lodge, the other from Lodge Eckford in Blenheim. The working will be conducted by Grand Lodge Officers assuming the Officers’ chairs and conducting many of the charges.


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West Coast Masonry

Torea Installation & 70th Year Award


The Installation meeting of Lodge Torea No.121 was held recently with much celebration and ceremony. The Grand Master MW Bro Graham Wrigley attended accompanied by District 23 Grand Lodge Officers with District Grand Master VW Bro Allan Cameron. The special occasion was to especially recognize the service to craft with a 70 year award to W Bro. Frank Robertson.

Worshipful Brother Francis Alexander Nieson Robertson, born 6th August 1924 in Cardenen Fifeshire, Scotland. His father travlled to New Zealand preceding the family to work in the mines on Denniston.

Mrs. Robertson, sailing from Edinburgh with 9 children, upon arrival she said these words famous in the family, “O Whattie what hae you brought us to?”. With a house at Coalbrookedale to live in the first improvement was hot and cold running water from the creek to the new bathroom. The first house over the way to have running water.


School days for Frank was at Burnetts Face school, he was dux of the school in 1937. With 12 months at Denniston High school, Frank followed the family tradition of working in the mines and all earlier thoughts of a career ended with his first job as a 14 ½ year old clipping on and off the rope road. Later an apprenticeship in the carpentry shop was available and. Without older brother Bobby Robertson arguing with Franks father about this, he may not have had the opportunity to take it up.

Franks father was not keen as Franks wages would drop considerably and would affect the whole family. At 15 he joined St Johns First Aid and later went to Auckland to train as an ambulance driver, being the first qualified for the Buller. He got a civic award for his duties 57 years later and he is a life member.

After a 5-year apprenticeship he worked for 45 years as a carpenter for the mine. Building around the mines and pulled them down again after the rush. He built 3 houses in Waimangaroa, one of which is his own.

When the Waimangaroa Community centre was built, the soccer clubs Frank and all his brothers belonged to, fund raised. Working to pull yellow pine out of the bush and set the piles up for the building of the Waimangaroa Community Centre.

With his knowledge on the building committee and for over 60 years Frank was Chairperson, with his wife Cath as secretary until just a few years ago. He was on the committee of the Buller Mining Districts Community Centres from 1948 until recently also.

Both Frank and Cath during their 75 years of marriage have been very strong supporters of their community, with a great love of soccer, and the Waimangaroa Brass band, plus Medical association. With four sons interested in Scouts, so a Scout hall needed to be built.


They are founding members of Westport’s Older and Bolder group travelling around New Zealand and even Australia. “Friends of the Hills” both Cath and Frank are founding members, although Cath has lived her entire life at Waimangaroa, the maternity ward at Denniston Hospital was where she was born.


With Frank’s first home Coalbrookedale on Denniston, both have worked to see the community building back on the Hill. Frank has been and still is a trustee of “Friends of the Hill”.

His Masonic career began 1/9/1952 at Lodge Aorangi No. 89 on Denniston and being I n the mine on shifts it was with great difficulty to travel, but travel they did, the length of the coast from Kumara to Blackball and north to Karamea, in the dead of night with tough roads to drive as he travelled home.


The year Frank become Master of the Lodge in 1960 and the huge job of moving the Lodge down the hill and reinstate at Waimangaroa with the hallway and kitchen built from salvaged materials from the old Lodge at Denniston.


Aorangi Mokihunui No. 89 formed in the 1970s and even in the 2000’s Frank and his team of younger workers were under this building re-piling. Frank has a Roll of Honour for his work around the Lodge. By 2011 Aorangi Mokihinui closed and joined Torea. During the finalizing the move, it was found that when the lodge was moved down the hill all brethren brough shares. £100 was raised to move the Lodge. This was a significant amount of money to come out of a family, but they all did.


Over time it was found there needed to be two signatories to tidy up ownership, so Frank and his brother Bobby the last living brethren signed over free of charge the building for the use of Freemasonry. This building still stands today with thanks to the work, dedication and community spirit shown to us by Worshipful Brother Francis Alexander Nieson Robertson.


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Trans-Tasman Story

Masonic Assistance from Australian brethren


W Bro. Rich of the Forrest Lodge in Nelson, New Zealand was thankful for the assistance his 81 year old mother received from a group of Freemasons at her residence in Melbourne, Australia. In his own words, “this is Freemasonry at the grass roots”. Brighton Freemasons recently sent out the word to help those in need.

Mrs Rich very proudly relayed to the Brighton brethren that her son was a Freemason in New Zealand. W Bro Rich was very appreciative for what the Brighton brethren did for his mother, assisting with a garden clean up at her home recently. A credit to the brethren and Freemasonry in the region.

W Bro Harry Pontikis from Brighton remarked, that W. Bro Rich has brothers world wide and they were only too pleased to lend a hand. New Master mason Bro Mark Harrison from Oakleigh was one masons who provided relief by living his masonic values alongside the other brethren. The “Gather my Lodge” working bee concept is a real and visible way lodges can help those in need in their communities directly.

Mrs Rich was very grateful for the help from the local Freemasons, who couldn’t thank them enough as she is not able to tend to her garden as she has in the past. The result was a garden transformation and a job well done.



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Marlborough Freemasonry

Fellowcraft Degree – Lodge Waitohi No.111



The February Regular meeting in Picton at the Waitohi Lodge No.111 was a special evening for Bro. Nicodemo. The Lodge Brethren under-took his Passing to the Fellowcraft, or Second degree of Freemasonry. He is now mid-way on his Masonic Journey. The ceremony instils in candidates to make the Liberal Arts and Sciences his future study: Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy.

It was a well-attended gathering of visiting brethren from across the region with humour and fun shared in refectory. A theatrical Third degree with the fraternal visit is planned for May 2022, to the North Island to be hosted by Lodge Eketahuna no. 92.


The invite has gone out to all brethren in the region to accompany Lodge Waitohi brethren, who share fraternal ties with Lodge Te Puni in the Wellington region. Lodge Te Puni will travel with the Southern brethren to the Wairapara, for a ‘special third degree ceremony’.



Masonic-Marlborough Special Olympics BBQ


On a Friday evening, 25th February local Brethren from the 6 craft lodges in the region came together with the Marlborough Special Olympics community athletes’ families and supporters. The Marlborough Kennel club allowed us to use their Club rooms and grounds to host a bbq meet and greet.

There were 41 participants who had a thoroughly enjoyable shared bbq. A fantastic range of food and drinks for all. Thank you to W Bro Barker and Bro Malin who manned the bbq, which was on loan from the Mortgage Room in Blenheim.

It was a great opportunity to strengthen efforts to assist Special Olympics Marlborough over the coming months. In practical terms looking to gather a list of volunteers to do transport to weekly sports practices in the region. The athletes participate in: Ten pin bowling, golf, Swimming, with a wish to add equestrian too.

Freemasons New Zealand have naming rights to support the National Special Olympics held later this year. Lodges at a Regional level have been encouraged to get in touch with the Athletes and supporters to see where assistance is needed.

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Southern Division - Freemasons Charity

Greetings Brethren – Freemasons Charity


From the pen of the Southern Divisional Grand Almoner – V.W Bro Dai Eveleigh

Greetings to all. I’m very proud and excited to have been appointed the new Southern Divisional Grand Almoner and look forward to continuing the excellent work of V.W.Bro Jeff Elston. I have personally been involved in charity projects since joining The Crown Lodge, Canterbury District no.25, both in raising funds for charity and supporting local organisations.

Sitting on the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust as a Trustee and Past Chair has been particularly rewarding, helping groups of all shapes and sizes in the Canterbury area. The opportunity to extend this Charitable work in the Southern Division was one of the main reasons to accept the nomination for Southern Divisional Almoner.

Outside of Freemasonry, I enjoy rabbit hunting, adventure motorbike riding and camping with my wife and daughter. My career as a Financial Adviser and Director of the business allows flexibility in my schedule and I hope to visit Lodges throughout the Division when possible.

I look forward to working with the District Charity Officers, Lodges and Brethren to promote and enhance charity in the Division.


V.W. Bro Dai Eveleigh


Charities Update 2022


From the Southern Divisional Grand Almoner:

There have been a number of exciting developments at The Freemasons Charity over recent months including the successful implementation of the online Grant management software, and the release of the Charity strategy, mission and vision statements. 

Fast Track Grants have been renamed as Critical Needs Grants to better reflect the purpose. Critical Needs applications can be made though the District Charity Officers to supply vouchers up to $1,000 in value, with decisions and payment made quickly.

Lodge Projects that meet the out-come based criteria can apply for a 1 for 1 grant from the Freemasons Charity.

What is out-come based criteria? The Freemasons Charity have stated the criteria as the following; Provides relief of need, improves the lives of individuals, provides a benefit to the community, will build our community profile, involves active participation by Freemasons. For an application to be successful, it must meet at least one of the out-come based criteria.

For more information or to discuss your Lodge or District Charity project, contact your District Charity Officer(s).

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District Masonry


Lodge Waitohi Christmas Gathering



The Waitohi Lodge anchored in Picton recently hosted local brethren from the region. The gathering was the Annual Christmas dinner, opened this year to brethren from the wider Masonic community.


Covid-19 vaccine passports were required for entry at the Waitohi Sports bar and restaurant (formerly the Toot n Whistle). A large continent of Masons and partners enjoyed a night of fun, laughter, friendship and dining. It is at these events we connect with brethren and families building stronger bonds enjoying the benefits of Masonic family and fraternity.




Willow Bank ‘Tiny Lodge’ Official Opening


The Forest Lodge No.116 extend thanks to the Guardian of Willow Bank who sponsored the build after suggesting that we erect a Tiny Lodge on site at Wakefield.  The seed for the project followed an installation at the Village in 2019. Eighteen months since plan hatched, and twelve months since first groundwork began the Tiny Lodge is complete.


In early December, the Tiny Lodge was formally opened. A brief Masonic meeting was held in the lodge. A family BBQ was enjoyed afterwards in the grounds of Willow Bank Heritage Village, Wakefield. District Grand Master, VW Bro Cameron travelled over from Blenheim to officiate and to 'cut the ribbon'. Three other Blenheim brethren rode over on Harley Davidsons.


A number of brethren from across the District attended this very special evening to open the Tiny Lodge, unique to the Nelson region and within New Zealand. Visitors to the Heritage Village will be able to explore the lodge on open days. When Masons are present a look inside at the details of the interior will be open to one and all, all questions invited.




Partners in Freemasonry


The monthly Wives and partners lunch was organised by Wairau Lodge No.42. The groups organise independently each month to connect and enjoy each others friendship. Every month a new venue is selected to dine for lunch with the Marlborough region offering a range of choices.


This month the group dined at Fairweathers Restaurant and Bar in central Blenheim. The lunch was the last for 2021. Keep an eye out for future get togethers for early 2022. All Masonic partners are welcome to join this social group at upcoming lunches from early next year.




Lodge Eckford – Installation


The meeting held under dispensation for Lodge Eckford No 334 on the last Saturday of November was well attended. W Bro Williams was installed into the Chair of King Solomon. Officers of the Lodge were invested on the occasion, with newer members taking up a new challenge for the ensuing year.


The Annual ceremony of Installation is incredibly special for a Craft Lodge. W Bro Williams has previous experience in as Lodge Master. He will be well supported by the Lodge and the wider Masonic community. V W Bro Cameron, District Grand Master and District Grand Lodge Officers carried out the ceremony of Installation.


A good number of visiting sitting Masters and accompanying brethren attended in support. The Refectory dinner was held at the Clubs of Marlborough’s Taylor room.



First Degree – Entered Apprentice



Lodge Wairau No.42’s November meeting was the initiation of Bro. A Verhey, the Lodge’s newest Entered Apprentice. Sitting Master W Bro M Uren was in the chair of King Solomon. Bro Verhey begins his Masonic Journey. The Lodge welcomes Bro Verhey to the craft and the wider local Masonic community.




Sublime Degree of Master Mason



The November meeting at Lodge Awatere No. 292 was particularly special for sitting Master, W Bro. Barker. This degree working marks the Masonic journey for a new candidate in special terms. In this case it was especially memorable, as the candidate was W Bro Barkers son. Bro. Barker was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. W. Bro M Barker travelled from Nelson to participate in this family celebration. Lodge Awatere welcomes its newest Master Mason to the fraternity.

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Marlborough Freemasonry


Royal Arch Presentations


The Marlborough Royal Arch Chapter met recently to award several companions their Royal Arch certificates. Companions Malin, Barker, and Stevens were presented certificates by RE Companion Marsh. Presentations were made to a number companions who under took the Arc Mariner degree earlier in the year. In addition the sitting First Principal, VE Companion Mir and VE Companion Plummer immediate past First principal obtained degrees for Commander Noah.

A pathways ceremony to the Cryptic degrees was also delivered by members of the Cryptic Council. To encourage participation in side branches of the Craft.


Sublime Degree – Master Mason


Lodge Havelock 104 raised Bro. Campbell to the Sublime degree of Master Mason at the November Regular meeting. Bro Campbell has been progressing on his Masonic journey as one of Lodge Havelock’s newest brethren.  A Daily advancement in Masonic knowledge and understanding, as well as contributing to the community is at the heart of all our endeavours.


Lodge Unanimity – Entered Apprentice


The November meeting of the Marlborough Lodge of Unanimity No 106, with W Bro McDonald in the Chair was the initiation of Bro. Austin. Lodge Unanimity Officers did a stirling job in guiding the Lodge’s newest Entered Apprentice during the ritual. The Inner guard and Junior Deacon did excellently. For some Officers it was the first degree working since installation, owing to Covid 19 Lock down meeting restrictions. All performed well. Bro Yakoya was presented with his Master Mason certificate by RW Bro Musgrove GJW on the same evening.



Lodge Waitohi – Second Degree


The Lodge at the October meeting passed Bro. Horscroft to the Fellowcraft degree, with W. Bro Smith in the Chair. This coincided with the re-scheduled annual Grand Lodge visit by VW Bro Allan Cameron, accompanied by Grand Lodge Officers of District 23.

The night was unique in the recognition of several Waitohi Brethren. W Bro Bill Keenan received a Roll of Honour award for his services to the Lodge. W Bro Bascand and W Bro Robertson having earlier in the year received awards were photographed in Grand Lodge Regalia. W. Bro Bascand awarded for his services as Lodge Secretary for 30 years. While W. Bro Robertson, awarded the rank of Past Grand Tyler.

Joining Bro Horscroft in the South-East were 2 visiting Fellowcraft brethren from Lodge Awatere and Lodge Wairau. A great sight.

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Marlborough Freemasonry


Fellow Craft Degree – Lodge Wairau


The October Regular meeting for Wairau Lodge No.42 was the passing of Bro. Figuracion to the Fellow craft – Second Degree. It was a special meeting where sitting Master, W Bro Uren gave the chair to VW Bro Warmouth to undertake the degree working. W Bro Warmouth had not in the past the opportunity of conducting a Second degree working in the Chair of King Solomon.

Bro. Figuracion is encouraged to make the 7 Liberal Arts and Sciences his future study to add to his Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge. The Lodge looks forward to his next step in the Masonic journey.




Grand Lecturer – First Degree Presentation


The Regular meeting of Lodge Awatere No. 292 in October was well attended by visitors to partake in a special Presentation. It was the first meeting after Level 4 Covid lockdown in the Marlborough region. Many brethren took the opportunity in a fraternal visit hosted by Lodge Awatere.

The Education night was the delivery of an ‘in-person’ Zoom adapted researched presentation by V.W VW Bro David Marsh, one of the District 23 Grand Lecturers.

 The presentation was on the First Degree ceremony, designed to de-mystify the meanings, symbols, and content of this degree. VW Bro Marsh illustrated with thought provoking evidential content. He left the audience to consider some interpreted explanations as well as letting the brethren do some further Masonic learning to add to their Daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge.


District 23 – Zoom meetings


Freemasons NZ working at Divisional level set up specific Zoom meeting accounts to allow brethren to connect during the Nationwide Level four Covid Lock-downs in August 2021. Supported by District Grand Master Allan Cameron, brethren met online on a weekly basis until October to co-ordinate assistance for brethren and families, connect, and speak face to face using video calling technology.

The zoom platform was used especially well by District 23 brethren, whilst compared to other regions in New Zealand. It allowed direct contact with Freemasons down as far as Greymouth and up to the top of the South island; Marlborough and Nelson.

This platfrom was especially useful in the cancellation of the New Zealand-Australia Research Lodges’ (ANZMRC 2021 Tour) tour by Lecturer Jack Dowds. The one off face to face presentations throughout NZ were replaced by twice weekly zoom lectures over September, from sets of popular papers.



Lodge of Instruction


A Lodge of Instruction was held recently in October during Level 2 Covid alert at the Charles Street Masonic centre in Blenheim. The session was led by District Grand Master, VW Bro Allan Cameron.

It was well attended with a wide cross-section of brethren from the 6 craft Lodges in the region: Havelock, Waitohi, Eckford, Wairau, Unanimity, and Awatere. Brethren were selected to take Officer’s roles that were new ad unfamiliar.

A run-down on the function of the Lodge, symbolism, and meaning of the Officer’s roles was given. The brethren performed an opening and closing with discussion and questioning round the aspects of the process.

The Lodge of Instruction is intended to be informal, informative and interesting for those attending. All attendees learned and took something away from the evening, while older brethren refreshed their Masonic Knowledge too.

One positive outcome was to bring Brethren together and discuss aspects like Land marks and those unique customs each lodge holds as a part of their culture.

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Ladies Lunch - Marlborough

Partners in Freemasonry


The monthly Masonic Ladies lunch was held recently and was hosted by Lodge Waitohi. The lunch was held at the Waitohi Sports Café and bar. A great time was had by the attendees with great food and company. Get in touch for future gatherings, the wives and partners would welcome one and all to attend.

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Nelson Freemasonry

Lodge Nelson – Sublime Degree


A new Master Mason at Lodge Nelson’s Regular August meeting was raised to the third dgree. Bro Nick Watts was impressed with the ceremonial efforts by the Lodge Nelson brethren. A number of Masonic visitors enjoyed the hospitality of the brethren of Lodge Nelson on this occasion.

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Marlborough Masonry - Havelock No. 104

Havelock Fellow craft


The August Regular meeting of Lodge Havelock 104 hosted a great number of Masonic visitors to pass Bro. Campbell to the Fellow craft degree. Bro Campbell did exceptionally well with his test questions of the First Degree. It will be exciting to witness his further progress in the craft. The Senior Deacon of the Lodge, Bro Rowlinson conducted the ceremony with confidence and decorum. It is pleasing to see brethren progressing through the Officers’ chairs, while guiding newer members.

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Marlborough Freemasonry

Combined Lodges’ Mid winter Dinner


This year’s Marlborough masons Mid-winter dinner was hosted at the Clubs of Marlborough. Of the 43 diners assembled there was good representation of families from the 6 craft lodges in the region. The Taylor room at the Clubs decoratively set up for Christmas, with a tree and decorations, and table settings.

It was especially heartening to welcome new families to the Masonic fraternity, with friendliness, welcoming chats, and great banter. The relaxed dining experience was accompanied with roast beef and ham, roast vegetables presented well, and a range of dessert options. The children’s table was well received with the young folks in charge of boxed chocolate to divide and share and take home.

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