Northern Division

Keeping in Touch   December 2021

It has been a year to forget as far trying to arrange events and meetings.

I would like to thank all members for their support and understanding in these uncertain times.

On a brighter note we have managed to get all our installations through except Kerikeri which is still to come on 14th Dec and a lovely evening at Parahaki where six Entered Apprentices had the Tracing Board explained to them. It could have been a lot worse, Auckland and Counties Hauraki and to a lesser extent Waikato District have been closed for most of the year and you have to feel for them.

You will all have received the directive from National Office on the new Covid 19 Protection Framework --traffic light rules --for meetings and gatherings which we must adhere to. You will need to have someone--The Covid Marshall---at the door to make sure people scan in and show their vaccine pass. Hand sanitizer to be used and masks to be worn except when doing charges, and social distancing practised as much as practical. As much as I hate wearing masks this is the procedure while we are in Red in the new traffic light system. Do refer to the Guidelines Circular from the GM for more details.

In the meantime have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet at Orange level when Lodge resumes again in 2022.

Yours Fraternally VW.Bro Ron McCracken   

Keeping in Touch with Northland    October 2021

Another month goes by and not much to report---fingers crossed that things are going to improve!?

You will have seen that the Special Olympics Summer Games have been postponed until Dec 2022,  but our Northland fundraising concert hopefully will go ahead in the New Year.

Northland Lodges are able to open up again so do try to get those 1st Degrees done as soon as possible.  One item of interest---Alistair Mitchell did a great job of publicising an open meeting held in one of the meeting rooms at the Kororareka Marae to which to which members of the public were invited. Unfortunately only 2 turned up but those 2 are joining Kororareka Lodge!  You did a fine job Alistair and maybe it is another sign of the times.

                        We have 3 installations in October

12th Oct         Kerikeri                     VW Bro John Campbell

16th Oct         Okara Daylight        VW Bro Trevor Hall

26th Oct         Hatea                         Bro Joseph Cross


11th Oct         Whangarei               3rd Deg Bro Ian Kake

18th Oct         Whangarei               3rd Deg Bro Levi Lucas

6th November          DISTRICT MEETING                        Please send to Dist Secretary any items for discussion VIA your LODGE

As we now have Daylight Saving Please remember change of dress code---Dinner or lounge suits.

Yours  Fraternally       VW.Bro Ron McCracken.

Keeping in Touch with Northland September 2021

Well I’m sitting here wondering what I’m going to write about! Covid has certainly put a stop to life as we knew it! So when we do get back to normal I can see there will be installations and degree work to compress into the months before the Christmas break.

For those waiting for 1st Degrees it is important to get them done even if it means applying for extra meetings making sure you don’t clash with other Lodges. Unfortunately there will be no calendar this month until we know when we can meet again. My advice is that when we get to Level 2 we should be able to resume meetings-- remembering Covid protocols—and Installations and Degree work when we return to Level 1.

In the meantime be kind and look after one another.


W.Bro Stan Bartlet RH       PM Parahaki PM

W.Bro Ken Notton PGL      PM Maungakiekie Auckland,

PM Parahaki, PM Okara Day Light

W.Bro Peter Faber               PM Parahaki, PM Okara Day Light

Bro Cameron Goldie     Hatea

Yours Fraternally    VW.Bro Ron McCracken

Keeping in Touch with Northland   August 2021

The months seem to be getting busier or I’m getting older, but I do know that my memory is not as good as it once was! It is pleasing to see so many visitors at our meetings especially the newer members—we had 3 entered apprentices visiting at Hatea for Bro Walden Bawayan 1st Deg. Making 4 in total. It is pleasing to see so many names coming up for initiation. Keep this up and some of us older ones will be able to take a back seat!  I encourage the brethren to continue to visit for degree work—who knows you may make a new friend for life. I congratulate W.Bro Peter Young for doing the great meal at his own installation—well done Peter!

Reminder—District Project----Fundraising Concert for Northland Special Olympics Team Sunday Aug 22nd 1.30—4.30pm at Kamo Club $15 ticket available from Bryan Wiig  Tickets is selling fast

Upcoming Events

5th Aug           Parahaki       Installation of W.Bro Peter Cains

6th Aug           Hikurangi     2nd Deg    Bro Levi Lucas

8th Aug           Whangarei Soup Kitchen more info contact W.Bro Harry Gray

9th Aug           Whangarei     50 years Badge Bro Graeme Whiteman -- GL Visit  

13th Aug        Okara                        2nd Deg    Bro John Caldwell

19th Aug        Wellsford-Marsden           1st Deg           Mr Richard Balainey

22nd Aug        Dist Project Special Olympics Concert

24th Aug        Hatea             Installation of Bro Joe Cross



Yours Fraternally    VW.Bro Ron McCracken

Keeping in Touch with Northland   July 2021

Well that’s half a year gone! During June we had Gilbert Hawkins installed as Master of Wellsford--Marsden;   a 60 year Bar for Bro Pete Johns at Whangarei;  and a 50 year Jewel  for Ian Cook from Kaikohe who now lives in Napier. Hugh and Lynne Chamberlain took Bev and I down there and I had much pleasure in presenting this to him. His wife doesn’t have the best of health but they made us all very welcome and I must admit it was a nice 5 day break

We have had a request from Special Olympics Whangarei for $800 to sponsor their Country and Western fundraising afternoon to be held on Sunday 22nd August 1.30—4.30pm at the Kamo Club. This will pay for the entertainment . Money raised will go towards expenses of sending a Northland Team (adults and children) to the National Special Olympics to be held in Hamilton in December. Northland District  have agreed to do this. Tickets for this are $15   If interested please contact RT.W.Bro Bryan Wiig 09 4372840 and he will make a block booking.

Upcoming Events

12th July   Whangarei  3rd Deg       Bro Ray Anderson

27th July   Hatea  1st Deg                Mr Walden Bawayan

28th July   Kaikohe-Ohaeawai        Installation of W.Bro Peter Young

Please try to visit these Lodges doing Degree work for a better impression on the candidate.

Yours Fraternally   VW Bro Ron McCracken  

Keeping in touch with Northland June 2021

Keeping in Touch with Northland   June 2021

Another month gone already!

 We had a very successful installation of Bro George Swanepoel conducted by Counties-Hauraki District in the capable hands of Paul Chappel and his team. 130 Freemasons and ladies sat down to dinner afterwards. The Ladies were entertained during the meeting with a Whangarei harbour cruise.

I attended a very interesting Northland Pest Control Wananga (Education) Day with NRC and Kiwi Coast –our project. There were several very interesting and informative speakers and demonstrations. The Freemasons were mentioned on numerous occasions. We are certainly getting known for our support in the region and with our stage 2 ready to go it will only get better.

Upcoming Events

3rd June      Parahaki  1st Deg  Ashton Dunn

14th June    Whangarei  60yr Badge for Bro Pete Johns

                   Official GL Visit

17th June    Wellsford Marsden Installation of WBro Gilbert Hawkins Brethren Only

26th June    Mangonui –Business Meeting & Social at Kerikeri—I would encourage those that can to attend as there will be a good guest speaker—more info to come.

28th June    Hatea  3rd Deg for Jade Bryers which was postponed due to an op for a rugby injury

Yours Fraternally VW Bro Ron McCracken

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