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I am very much aware that many of you have been long-time supporters of your husbands or partners for many years and so there may be some of you, who might feel that you have not been acknowledged in all that you have done, whether in a practical or family way.  I am sure that most of us have felt that way somewhere along the journey that we have taken as we have become more involved in Freemasonry.
My intention and hope - is that the newsletters will help to keep all wives, partners, friends and families of Freemasons in touch with one another and will be a forum to exchange  views, comments, stories of events past and present, recommendations for the future, ideas to follow which might be radical or otherwise - but I am very keen to have as many as possible readers to become contributors to the newsletters, sending in whatever stories, comments or views, or ideas (however radical) they may have regarding their own particular associations with Freemasonry.

We now live in a very transparent time where all information is available to everyone - and, I do feel that if Freemasonry is to retain a secure place in the 21st Century we all need to think positively, being unashamed and proud in retaining what we hold dear to ourselves, and in doing so, look to the future and feel completely confident in what we can take with us and show and teach those who will follow us.