Central Division
The Wellington Masonic Youth Trust (WMYT) was formed in April 2001 as a charitable trust to continue benevolence activities directed towards youth in our communities.

The origins of the WMYT go back to the Youth Project and the D.A.R.E. Project which had been set up to continue in perpetuity by the Provincial Grand Masters of the day; the late RW Bro Dudley Hercock PDep GM and RW Bro Brian Kennedy P Dep GM respectively.  Brethren will be familiar with the activities undertaken under the auspices of those projects.

With the changes to the Grand Lodge structure and specifically having (at that time) three Districts (19, 21, 22) replacing the former Provincial District, it was appropriate to amalgamate the two projects under the umbrella of one registered trust governed by a Board of Trustees.

Trustees are always open to ways to expand the extent and scope of assistance but arenaturally reliant on the interest and enthusiasm of Lodges to seek out worthy cases in their areas.

This trust is for the benefit of young people in our area and provides an opportunity to promote Freemasonry in the community.  It does however require Lodges to be proactive.

The rules are relatively straightforward:
The persons being sponsored must be under 26 years old.
Only individuals may be assisted – Money has never been made available for equipment, property or capital works.
The applicants need to be resident in the greater Wellington area; ie the geographic area covered by the Wellington Masonic Provincial District prior to the 2000 Grand Lodge restructuring; i.e. current Districts 19 and 21.
Assistance must be for appropriate activities, such as personal development courses, special education, educational training, sports representation, special seminars and jamborees.
The Trust provides a contribution towards the cost of an approved activity and not the whole amount.  It is expected that the sponsoring Lodge will make a contribution towards the cost and the applicant or their family likewise.  The contribution of the applicant may be in the form of fund-raising and similar efforts rather than as a financial contribution per se.
Wherever possible sponsorship payments will be made directly to the respective activity (eg Outward Bound) or as arranged with the Supporting Lodge.
It is expected that the recipient of assistance will, wherever possible, give a brief presentation to Brethren after the event.  Trustees always appreciate the opportunity to be present on such occasions if circumstances permit.
Applications must be made by a Lodge is either District 19 (Kapiti-Wellington) or District 21 (Hutt Wairarapa)