Central Division

In 1993 due to changing times a group of Freemasons in the Ruapehu-Manawatu Districts identified that people in the younger society were exposed to more opportunities and challenges to help develop their character and encouraged them to strive for better and improved life-skills. This group of Freemasons decided to form a Trust for the sole purpose of financially assisting those youth who would not otherwise have the means to do so themselves, therefore missing out on potential opportunities.

Who Can Apply for a Trust Grant?

Any person under the age of 25 years.
The Applicant must reside in the Wanganui, Palmerston North regions including the Waimarino, Taihape and Rangitikei areas.

The activity that the grant is being applied for must be conducted in New Zealand.

Grants must be applied for by individuals (Group and Club applications have the possibility of being unsuccessful or rate a lower priority)

What Type of Application will the Trust Fund and Support?

To enhance and improve people's goals in the following areas:
Cultural, educational, emotional, social, economic and physical improvement and welfare of an individual

To alleviate distress and assist in the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life of persons in reduced or underprivileged circumstances

To promote conduct and assist research into the causes of and remedies for ills whether of a physical, economic or emotional nature which may affect society generally or particular individuals

To promote educational learning and research in the following - the arts; sporting and recreational facilities in the interest of social welfare and for the public benefit
The Trustees will discuss each application on the points that are stated above

The Trustees will be the sole judge of their decisions. Any further discussion of an application with the associated applicant will be entered into solely at the Trustee's discretion

No previous application approved by the Trust will act as a precedent for future applicants, irrespective of whether that applicant has been successful in gaining a grant in the past and reapplying for further funding for the same cause

An Application will take up to 3 weeks upon being received to be processed

Every applicant will be informed by a Trustee within twelve hours of a Trust Meeting convening

It will be at the discretion of the Trustees whether the full amount of the funding requested by an applicant be granted or a lesser portion.
How will my Application be decided and how long will it take?

Each application will be decided on its own merits, sincerity and other information provided by the applicant that demonstrates his/her commitment to their past or other acceptable ambitions.
The Trust Today

Today the Trust has grown its capital substantially from when it was first formed, through various investments and generous donations from a number of organisations and societies, while at the same time consistently making numerous grants throughout the community from the proceeds of its capital. However due to the increased public recognition of the Trust and the growing needs of the community requesting more and larger distributions the Trust needs to continue to grow its capital in order to fulfil these requests.

If you know of someone or an organisation that wishes to help the community they can do so by making a donation to the Trust.
How to Contact the Trust
Simply email the Trust in the first instance if you wish to apply for a grant or wish to talk some more about making a donation to the Trust.

For further information, email Trust Secretary, Chris Blair by clicking here.
The Trust is registered as a Charity CC20257, and has an exemption with IRD 58-684-627. This means that all donations and bequests above $5.00 qualify as a legitimate tax deduction.