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District GM's Update November


Nearly a year has passed since I became the District Grand Master and what a year it has been! Probably the most unexpected and unanticipated year that we could possibly have had! We have had to change our practices and activities, overcome and adapt to the “New Normal” whatever that is going to look like into the future. Reflecting on this, it would be easy to be gloomy and despondent, however, I would like to say that it has not been all bad. The Brethren of this District and my District Team have, almost without exception, stepped up and pushed forward embracing new technology and continuing to do good things in line with the values of our great organisation. For this, I would like to thank all of you for both the honour of making me the District Grand Master and the enthusiasm and application that you have shown during this period. It has made me very proud to lead this District.

As you know, as many organisations hid away and hibernated during lockdown, we delivered an outstanding project, in conjunction with the Freemasons Charity, and managed to house 60 homeless people in the Wellington area through our association with DCM. This project gathered National acclaim and was included in one of the Grand Masters videos as an exemplar. What I was particularly proud of was the way every Lodge stepped up and contributed even those in the Northern part of the District who could have argued that they would see no tangible impact on their communities, they didn’t and contributed anyway. Well done.

I do have a tinge of sadness that now it has become the turn of the Northern Lodges to run a project, for an equally worthy charity, Birthright, that it has not been greeted with the same level of unanimous support from some of the Southern Lodges. With that in mind I would like to ask those Lodges who have not yet contributed to the Birthright project to consider doing so. For those who have already contributed, some exceptionally generously, you know who you are, and I thank you. We are short of time now as we have said that we will deliver a camp for those families over Christmas. Please get in touch with Grant Johnston at your earliest opportunity.

As an additional Fundraiser for the project Grant is selling some IPA craft beer. I have bought some and it is very good. It is significantly discounted (28%) so presents very good value and an opportunity for an individual to contribute to the overall project. Again, get in touch with Grant.

We are not far away Brethren so please help us with getting this project completed.

Last month I talked about the planning session we had in Wellington. Following that the Divisional Grand Masters have delivered a video which I urge you all to watch. It will give you all a better insight into what is being sought. I also talked about the need for better communication and what we are doing across the Division to help this. I will still be having a District meeting on 10th December where we can talk more about the forthcoming roadshows and how frequently and how best to facilitate communications across the District.

I also had the pleasure of attending a First Degree at Matariki Lodge in Auckland last week. This was for a friend that I had recommended to join Freemasonry and RW Bro Gary Salmon P Div GM had made the necessary arrangements. Matariki is made up from four smaller Lodges and is only just a year old. The welcome was first class, the ritual was exemplary, and the fellowship was outstanding. This is a success story in the wings and I for one will be following their progress. I am truly assured that my friend could not find a better Lodge to join.

Just a quick update for those who were unaware, W Bro Craig Nunnerley suffered a heart attack last Tuesday and was flown to Wellington by Air Ambulance. He has now been transferred to Palmerston North and is making good progress, although it is unlikely he will be back doing the DC’s work this year. I am sure that you will join me in wishing him a full recovery. He hopes to be at home in the next few days.

Lastly some dates for the Diary:

Saturday 7th November – The Coronation Lodge Installation – Bro Saizon will be taking the chair for the first time

Sunday 8th November - TOK is holding a Barbecue Luncheon and Blind Auction

to raise funds for the Birthright project. This will take place at Otaihanga Boating Club Makora Rd. (This is located on south side of the Waikanae River and is accessible from Otaihanga Rd- Southwards Museum)

Time 11.30 for lunch at 12.00 p.m. Cost for lunch only $15.00 per head.

Beverages BYO please. Please bring wrapped pressie $10.00 per person, no markings.

After lunch about 1.00/1.30 p.m. they will have an auction of the pressies. Proceeds to go to the Birthright Project which is new computers and parent and children holiday at El Rancho facility Waikanae. – Contact Bro Charlie Metcalf by no later than Monday the 2nd of November Tel 021 165 5362 or email jancharlie23a@gmail.com

Tuesday 17th November – Lodge Tawera O Kapiti - Third Degree for Bro Bruce Granstead

Thursday 19th November – Herbert Teagle Taia Lodge – First Degree for Mr Jason Crafar

Tuesday 24th November – Empire Fergusson Lodge – Third Degree for Bro Andrew Simes

Friday 27th November – Westminster Lodge – Third Degree Bro Graham Woods

Sunday 29th November – Martinborough – Freemasons Clay Pigeon Shoot – Contact Matt Dyer

Monday 30th November – The Saint Andrews Lodge – Installation of Bro Dallas Eason

Sunday 6th December – District Children’s Christmas Party at 511 Grays Road, Pauatahanui – Details to follow.

This is not everything that is taking place but simply what I am hoping to attend.

Thanks for reading and for your ongoing efforts and commitment to the Craft.



Strategic Planning and other District 19 Items


I have just spent the weekend at a District Grand Masters Forum in Wellington. Present were the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master the three Divisional Grand Masters and most of the staff from National Office together with a Team of outstanding facilitators. We talked about many things, focusing on both the positive and negative aspects of the Craft. We talked about the challenges that face you in your Lodges, what keeps you up at night and what we can do as the Leadership Team to enhance the experience, to strengthen your Lodges and improve recruitment and retention.

We also benefitted from the very wise words of our guest Speaker, Carolyn Young, former CEO of Netball Central Zone who talked about the importance of building a high performing Team, setting up the infrastructure that underpins that and facilitates the Team to be able to win. She shared her journey with the Pulse Netball Team taking them from bottom of the league to the playoffs at elite domestic level in 2017 and subsequently winning the championship the following year. It was truly inspirational. Added to that we heard from several of the Dist GM’s relaying “Good News” stories from across the country, it must have been a dusty environment and I must have got something in my eyes! (I was not alone) but hearing those stories gave fantastic insight into what we do, what impact we have into others lives and why it is so important to keep up the good work. We also talked a lot about the culture in our Lodges, what are the problems and how can we solve them. I have talked a lot about the 60% of our members who haven’t attended a Lodge meeting for over two years, and obviously there will be reasons of age, infirmity, work etc. but is it our culture that is keeping some of our members away? I encourage you all to reach out to those members and try to get them back. Think about the atmosphere in a Lodge room if we got another 10 people on a regular basis.

The cynic in you may be saying “nothing new here!” and to a degree you would be right, we have identified some of these issues before, but, what is new is the resolve of the Senior Leaders of the Craft supported by our Executive Director Mark Cassidy and his Team to both listen and to deliver on what they say. This is definitely a case of “Under New Management” and that management is receptive, dynamic and committed.

So, what’s going to happen? We are not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so our Strategic Direction 2019-2023 is continuing unchanged. We are going to augment this with the One Vision, One Goal, One Team concept that will be fully developed as we move forward, and all of you will have the opportunity to contribute and shape the Craft for the future. To be One Team is simple, in that all of us in Freemasonry need to be rowing our one boat in the same direction. To a degree we are already partially doing this in Kapiti Wellington with the structuring of our District Projects.

Covid has had an impact on all of this work and we are probably three months behind where we want to be but there is an excitement that I haven’t seen before so you will be seeing communications begin to flow from next week. The learnings from the weekend are going to be reviewed and, from that, a number of Roadshows will happen across the country early next year and before our Divisional Conferences. I will communicate more on this as plans get firmed up.

As a Divisional Team we acknowledged that we needed to be more joined up and as such we have agreed to meet in person every six weeks and by Zoom every three weeks between. This will allow us to be more cohesive in our Management approach. In a similar vein I would like to have much more regular meetings with the Masters of all the District Lodges. My thinking is that we could do a zoom meeting monthly or bimonthly but I will be guided by you as to what is preferred. Added to that I would like to have two District Meetings per year for everyone to attend so that we can hear from many of our younger Brethren. I had initially penciled in 21st of October but would like to push that back to Thursday 10th December in light of the strategic work that is going to take place over the next few weeks so that I can properly inform the District.

Brethren, I am very enthusiastic about what is happening in the Craft as well as what is happening in our District. Our Birthright project is gaining traction, we sold another 66 cases of wine last week. Guys, we have already had a number of Lodges contribute to this very worthy cause and we are running out of time to deliver the money for a camp over the Christmas Holidays. Can I ask that each Lodge consider a donation to the project (large of small will be gratefully accepted). We got great acclaim across the country and indeed the World from the DCM project where every Lodge in the District contributed, lets repeat the process for Birthright.

Also, if you haven’t bought any Craft beer yet, please get in touch with Grant Johnson as I think he has a few cases remaining. It is great beer and is discounted by 28% from what you can buy it in the shops.

Thank you everyone who has contributed, not only to this project but to Freemasonry across the District.



District GM

District GM's Update

Dear Brethren

What a year it has been. Not what I intended at all. It seems that we have a period of closure followed by a period of very high activity then simply repeat the process. We had almost got up to date but we cancelled Hinemoa Kairangi and the cycle started again! That said I am feeling very enthusiastic and positive about the future in this District

We also had to cancel the much-anticipated National District Grand Masters meeting which was to be held in Wellington on the weekend of 15th and 16th August. This will now take place on October 4th and 5th. This is a key milestone for the Craft as a whole, where we will be discussing the challenges that face us moving forward and the strategies that we intend to put in place to mitigate those challenges. This will be with the Grand Master, the Deputy Grand Master, the Divisional GM’s and the Executive Director so it is an opportunity to present ideas to the senior leaders of our craft. I know that I may be starting a tsunami but if you have any innovative ideas that you feel would be worth tabling then this is your opportunity, please get in touch.

Following this meeting I intend to have a District Meeting on 21st October to inform the brethren of what happened and discuss plans for the District for the next year.

I recently attended a Freemasons Charity meeting and a Divisional meeting with the other Dist GM’s in Palmerston North. The Charity part was in the morning and was an excellent input from Shelly Newsome and Mike Kendrick. Mike is coming to the end of his term in November when Paul Britten will be taking over. I would like to say a big thank you from the District to Mike for all his hard work over the years. It was a very interesting and informative session and gave many of us a far greater insight into what the Charity will help with. RW Bro Jim Watt Dep GM was also there and was keen to point out those projects, where there is direct input from members and interaction with the community (rather than just raising money), are often more desirable.

As a result of this presentation I am keen to have all the District 19 Lodges to appoint a Charity Officer. This role is not to be confused with the Almoner’s role and the Charity officer, at present, is not an official office. This may change in the future and may form the first step in an alternative Masonic career path. This is an ideal opportunity for our newer and younger members to get involved with Freemasonry and helping others. The Lodge Charity officer would work in conjunction with the District Charity Officer to promote our Lodge and District projects.

So what is happening in the District?

Last week I had the honour of being able to present W Bro Terry Wellington and VW Bro Warwick Bell with Charity Jewels for their work and leadership on the DCM project which received acclaim from the Grand Master during lockdown. I know that all the Lodges had an involvement and contributed and I thank each and every one of you for your efforts. Terry and Warwick stepped up and delivered a great project from beginning to end that resulted is us being able to help with accommodating over 60 people that would otherwise have been living on the streets. The vast majority of these are still in accommodation.

The recent wine offer for the Birthright project has been a great success resulting in raising around $2.5k and was greatly oversubscribed. We are now doing a Craft Beer deal through Grant Johnson 24 cans of Scattered Peaks Session IPA for $86 per case, great value and Grant tells me they are selling fast so grab them while you still can.

We have done Wine, we have done beer and now we are moving onto the annual Empire Fergusson Whisky Tasting event. This event is taking place on 25th September. Tickets are available at the time of writing but are selling out fast. Please contact Chris Lee for further details.

Sticking with Empire Fergusson they are having a 2nd degree on 22nd Sept and W Bro Kirby Taylor will be doing the Tracing Board. If you have any Fellow Crafts please bring them along.

The Hinemoa Kairangi Installation will take place on 16th September but please note the Change of Venue. It will now be taking place at the Wellesley Hotel.

Westminster Lodge will be Installing Graeme Gibson on 18th September. The ceremony is being conducted by VW Bro Warwick Bell P Dist GM

Lodge Homewood will be doing their Installation on Thursday 24th September. This ceremony will be conducted by VW Bro Warwick Metcalf P Dist GM and Hadyn Nicholls will be taking the chair.

Lodge Aquarius will be doing their Installation on 6th October where I will be Installing John Irving into the chair.

I will also be attending Zetland’s 1st Degree on 17th September.

United Horowhenua Lodge has decided to postpone its Installation. The proposed date will be Monday 19th October but is subject to being in L1.

This is not an exhaustive list of what is happening in the District. Please visit the National Workings database on the Central Division Website for the full list. Thank you to all those lodges that are using this system and also the Electronic Dispensation system, it makes life a lot easier. I would also be grateful if you could ensure that the workings are in there at the earliest opportunity, so we are well aware of what is coming up. If necessary, add a TBA entry and update it by overwriting it as soon as it is confirmed.

Thank you as always for your support, commitment and hard work for Freemasonry.



Our Divisional Grand Master’s most recent comments can be found here http://www.themasons.org.nz/cdiv/divcomments.php  

District GM's Update


Apologies for the delay in publishing this post but I have been struggling a little with what to say and what message I want to convey to you all.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the District: I have attended a great degree working at Westminster Lodge where I spoke about he DCM project, how successful it has been and the leadership of both W Bro Wellington and VW Bro Bell in delivering such a great outcome against the backdrop of lockdown. I jointly agreed with the Lodge that we need to acknowledge these efforts and as a result we have agreed to present these brethren with Freemasons Charity Jewels. The money from these jewels goes straight into the Freemasons Charity so is effectively another charitable contribution. It is a fantastic way of acknowledging the efforts of a Brother who has gone above and beyond for the craft whilst making a charitable donation at the same time. I would urge you to consider this in all your Lodges.

One of the reasons I have been considering what to write is that I am somewhat surprised and very disappointed, having taken on the role of Dist GM, about the level of unmasonic and frankly bad behaviour that I am witnessing among, what has to be said, a small minority number of Freemasons. We exist as a fraternity with clear rules and an expectation that we hold ourselves to a higher standard of behaviour. We are all volunteers in this organisation and are taught to treat another Freemason’s interests as inseparable from your own and have clear guidance of how to deal with any disputes. If you have a different opinion to another brother, it is only that, and both can be right as well as wrong. Don’t air your disagreements on social media for the world to see. If you have a complaint about a brother speak with him, his Master or me before putting pen to paper or pressing send on that angry email. A statistic that was quoted to me recently was that more than half of Freemasons in NZ have not attended Lodge for over two years! Is our culture to blame? Are those guys not attending because they agree with the principles of Masonry And pay their subs but cannot bring themselves to participate? I would welcome your thoughts and your actions in getting these guys back. There is much more I could say, but what I will say is that I will address bad behaviour when I see it and will take every option available to rid the District of it for the benefit of the craft as a whole. I hope that you will support me in this as it is in everyone’s interest at the end of the day.

I do underline that this is a very small minority but they have a disproportionate effect on the majority and I also note that we are not alone as a District. Overall our District is in great health and the vast majority are talking the talk and walking the walk.

As has been already outlined previously, there is a lot going on in the next few weeks and months, of particular note are:

Wednesday 8th July - Lodge Hinemoa Kairangi - LEGO Masterpieces

Wednesday 15th July - Wellington EC Installation - RW Bro Pratt is representing GLNZ

Thursday 16th July - Herbert Teagle-Taia Lodge - Appointment of Officers 2020-21 and Two 25 year Jewels as well as one 60

Monday 20th July - United Horowhenua 3rd Degree

Tuesday 21st July - Tawera-O-Kapiti lodge Installation

Tuesday 21st July - Empire Fergusson Young Masons Working, 2nd Degree

Thursday 23rd July - Waikanae Installation

Tuesday 28th July - New Zealand Pacific Installation

Thursday 30th July - Lodge Homewood 1st Degree

It is my intention to make as many of these as is possible. Apologies in advance to Empire Fergusson! Please make the effort to come along with me to as many of these ceremonies as you can and I look forward to seeing you all over the forthcoming weeks.

As always, thank you all for your support and your commitment to Freemasonry.



District GM's Update


“Stand by, Stand by……….Stand down!” Just when we thought that Level 2 was going to give us a chance to get back to Freemasonry, we have a curved ball thrown with the limitation of 10 people meeting up as a maximum. Added to that, the PM’s message was that there was additional advice coming for the over 70’s. I am hopeful that the infection rate of this disease will continue to drop and for those who are unfortunately suffering to get better, and that this feeds into the Government’s thought process for further relaxation of the constraints and the ability to open up Lodges fully.

We had the opportunity to have a meeting this morning with the Grand Master, our Divisional Grand Master and the other District Grand Masters for Central Division. The Grand Master is currently revising his draft of advice to Lodges in light of the ever-changing situation, this is currently being reviewed and will be published soon. Consideration was given to pushing the return date out to 1st July but, for the mean time, we are sticking with 1st June and will review this when the next Government announcement is made on 25th May as this may allow us to return. As part of this advice from our Central Office the Dep GM is devising a series of easy to understand and clear Flow Charts of requirements, expectations, guidance and processes for the reopening of Freemasonry across NZ.

The Grand Master was very clear in his message that Grand Lodge will respect the wishes of individual Lodges and will, together with the Divisional and District Management Teams, support and assist everyone in getting back to Freemasonry. One issue that is front of mind, and has been since this started, is the vulnerability of some of our older members and some of them may not wish to return as soon as they can preferring to avoid as much risk as possible. That said, we also cannot ignore the wishes of some of our younger Brethren who may have a desire to return to their Lodges at the earliest opportunity. I would ask the Masters, Secretaries and Almoners to canvas your members and ascertain their wishes so that we can start to create a return plan for the District that addresses all their needs.

On this particular point, I am keen to run a “Young Masons” working at the earliest opportunity. I have identified a Master, a Lodge and a Ceremony (2nd Degree) so I would be grateful for nominations from the Master’s and/or volunteers from amongst younger Masons who would be keen to participate. Ideally, they would currently be in the role but that is not necessarily a prerequisite. Please let me know so that we can start to compile a Team.

I also note that there is a message that has been circulated from the Grand Almoner today. This Covid-19 situation is far from over. We must continue to comply with Government advice in respect of social distancing and hygiene and, most importantly, we need to look after our wider Masonic family. Can you all make a special effort this week to contact your Lodge members and widows and do everything you can to support them. I have spoken to two people this week who are struggling badly with the entire situation and simply embraced the opportunity for a talk. Brethren, please make the time.

Thank you all for what you have done, what you are doing, and I look forward to a return very soon.



PS. If you haven’t seen the Grand Masters latest video please have a look, part of it is a pat on the back to District 19 for the DCM Project. Thank you all, once again, for your participation, as I have said previously, I am proud to be supported by such great people.


District GM's Update


As we have now had our second day with no new Covid 19 cases I believe that we can reasonably expect a move to Alert Level 2 in the near future. I am expecting some guidance from the Grand Master and the Team at National Office on what this will look like for the District and the Lodges and what impact it may have moving forward. That said, I am sure that we will return in a measured way with the safety of our members at the forefront of our minds and I am sure that you would all understand and support that as a principle.

On a much happier note, I can report that the DCM project has been a resounding success. Bearing in mind the adverse conditions that were upon us throughout this project the fact that we are in a position to support the DCM food bank to the tune of $21,000.00 speaks volumes about our Charity as an organisation and our resolve to get things done. I would like to thank everyone, Brethren and Lodges alike, who have contributed to this project and in particular I would like to thank W Bro Terry Wellington Master of Westminster Lodge and VW Bro Warwick Bell P Dist GM for doing all the work and coordination with DCM. We had a Zoom call with Joanne, Regina and Matthew from DCM yesterday and they were overwhelmed with the generosity of our District. It made me immensely proud to be supported by such good people.

I was especially impressed with our three Northern Lodges getting behind the project as geographically they are a little way away. They stepped up and committed to doing good things by good people for the benefit of those less fortunate. As a result, I have personally committed to supporting a charity project that will benefit people in need in the Northern part of our District. More details will be forthcoming following an initial scoping meeting. I really hope that all the Wellington Lodges will show the same generosity towards the Kapiti region as the Kapiti Lodges showed to the Wellington initiative.

I would like to leave you on this occasion with the words of a famous Freemason, it is my favorite quote of all time, it hangs on my office wall and one I come back to time and time again. I think it is as equally apt in a Freemasonry context as it was back in 1910 and indeed as it is today:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Theodore Roosevelt
Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910

Let’s all be the man in the Arena.



Lockdown Success and ANZAC with the Grand Master


The first thing that I would like to take the opportunity to do is to correct a glaring omission that I made in the L’Arche story that has recently been published. In the article I thanked many of the contributors but did not thank the main contributor, which was the Freemasons Charity. They kindly supported this project, provided the largest chunk of funding, which covered the majority of the fit out and the signwriting on the vehicle. Without the support of the Charity we would not have been able to deliver this project. We should all be justifiably proud of their contribution and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them, not only from myself but also from all of you and everyone involved in the project.

The next thing I am going to talk about is the forthcoming ANZAC Service that you all have been invited to by the Grand Master on Saturday morning at 10am. This service will be broadcast on Facebook. The Instructions are below:

Instructions on how to access the Facebook Live

You can access it by first navigating to our Facebook page:


At 10am, the live stream video will be at pinned at the top of the webpage for your viewing. The large, red LIVE icon will be visible to you. From there you will be able to add comments and watch the ceremony.

You do not need a Facebook account to watch.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for stepping up in these difficult times, looking after each other, looking after our extended family and continuing to do the good work of Freemasonry. I am happy to report that nearly 95% of the District 19 Lodges have committed to getting behind the DCM project. W Bro Terry Wellington, Master of Westminster Lodge, is doing a great job in coordinating this effort and has just submitted the application to the Freemasons Charity for a subsidy and it looks like we will be donating more than $15k to help those who are less fortunate and who are supported by DCM. This support will take place over a sustained period of time. Well done everyone and thank you to the Freemasons’ Charity again.

I am also looking at how we can support a similar project for the Kapiti Lodges in the same way as they have very generously supported the Wellington based one.

Lastly, we ran a session for skills improvement with Zoom which was run by VW Bro Warwick Bell. We had a good number of people turn up and the feedback was very good. If you want to run a similar session either with your Lodge or as part of a group of individuals please get in touch with Warwick on warwicktbell61@gmail.com.

Thank you all for your continued commitment to the craft and I look forward to a gradual return to normality and the opportunities for Freemasonry that it will bring.

Yours Fraternally


District GM's Update


I hope that you are all well and staying at home and staying safe. I thought that this picture may make you smile. My son David a couple of weeks ago at school with a project on what he wants to be when he grows up! He seems to know the layout of a Lodge Room already!

IMG_5779 icon

By and large the Kapiti Wellington District seems to be doing well. People seem to be relatively content with the situation and are adapting to the new communication tools such as Zoom, Hangouts and WebEx. As we progress through this lockdown and indeed probably afterwards as well, this will become the new normal.

I fully appreciate that this has been a time where many of us may be frightened and justifiably concerned, not only for our own health but for the health of our closest family members and friends, especially if they are in the older or more vulnerable categories, and additionally also for our jobs and the future economy of our country.

These issues are, for the most part, taken out of our hands in the short term by the new government regulations that require us to self-isolate and, with that said, I fully appreciate that, in the first stages of Lockdown, some people have been having the immediate concerns of family and work at the forefront of their minds. Things should now be settling somewhat and this does not mean that we are on holiday or indeed should we sit back and do nothing. We are all still Masons and should hold ourselves to a high standard of brotherhood and compassion.

At the beginning of this crisis I asked the Master’s and Secretaries to organise themselves to ensure that they kept all the brethren in touch with Lodge business and that all our more vulnerable Brethren were looked after by more able members of the Lodge. I also asked that records be kept of who was looking after who and noting the details of any communication with them. This was to make sure that our people were being looked after properly. Many of the Lodges in District 19 have done this but some have not. Brethren, if we can’t look after our own members in this time of need then it is a poor state of affairs. Please ensure that your Lodge is conducting regular video conferencing to keep everyone in touch and make sure that everyone has been, and continues to be, contacted on a regular basis. 

It is my expectation that every Lodge in District 19 will have conducted at least one video conference by next Saturday. VW Bro Warwick Bell P Dist GM has agreed to run a Zoom specific Panel training session for all the Master’s and an additional nominated member of the Lodge (who may be appointed the Zoom convener) on Wednesday 8th at 7pm. W Bro Mark White Master of Homewood, will also be in attendance to answer questions should anyone be using a different product.

Meeting Details

Meeting ID 259-811-901

Meeting Password 046983

Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/259811901?pwd=L3ZreGNYOVzcThiUWdwNXRYT09

If you are already competent/confident in running this technology, there is no need for you to attend.

There is also a toolbox tool on “Zoom your Brethren”. Click here for that info.

As you all should know by now, we are running a District Project through Westminster Lodge providing assistance to the food bank for DCM, a homeless service in Wellington. It was the overwhelming wish of the Master’s and Secretaries at a recent meeting with me to unanimously support this as a District Project. It is my wish to have all the Lodges in the District contribute so that we can clearly demonstrate that we can come together as an organisation and support those in need. This is not a time to be parochial, it is a time to be positive and constructive about what we can do. If there is a good reason why a particular Lodge feels that it cannot support this initiative, even in a small way, then please contact me with details about why and what project you are actually doing in your community. I am keen to run a similar joint project on the Kapiti coast where I will provide a similar level of initial funding

Brethren, I am immensely proud of this District as a whole, I feel that my tenure as the District GM seems to have stalled and I am keen to get back out and about but please, let’s look after our families and our Brethren at this difficult time, so that they remain keen and enthusiastic Masons when the time comes to return to our Lodges. Let’s all get behind the District project so that we can show unity, resolve and help those in our communities that are less fortunate than ourselves. I know that I can rely on you all to do you bit.



Community Project for Kapiti Wellington


In these unprecedented times of lockdown and this COVID-19 situation it is extremely important that we remain not only in contact with each other within our Lodges but also to involve ourselves with Masonic projects if we can. With that in mind I offered $500 as start money for a project in the Kapiti Wellington District.

On Friday last, we ran a Zoom meeting with Master’s and Secretaries to chat and share ideas of what each of the Lodges are doing. It was a highly useful meeting with lots of great ideas coming out. I proposed the idea of the start money and project to everyone and it was extremely well received. W Bro Terry Wellington mentioned that Westminster had done a small project with the Downtown Community Ministry or DCM and would be keen to do some more with them as they would undoubtably need help in the current environment.

I was blown away by the overwhelming offers of support from all the Masters and Secretaries. Wouldn’t it be great if we can all be united in support the DCM at this time of need when they are dealing with homelessness across Wellington?

The idea is that each Lodge in Kapiti Wellington uses the money that it would have spent on refectory during the downtime (or around $500) to contribute to providing groceries and other items for the DCM clients during this very difficult time.

Terry will be contacting all the Lodges in the very near future and he will provide more detail on the project.

Please, please get behind this and let’s turn it around quickly so that we can relieve the stress of those who run DCM and those who are homeless or may become homeless in the near future.

Many thanks


Dist GM

Kapiti Wellington District