Ash Williamson
District Grand Master
Ash originates from the South coast of England, from the naval city of Portsmouth. After meeting and marrying a girl from Cheshire, he moved to the North West of England, to the ancient Roman city of Chester ( Deva Victrix). He was initiated on the 4th October 1989, aged 31, into Deva Lodge No. 3447, English Constitution, in the Province of Cheshire. Passed on the 3rd January 1990 and raised on the 7th February 1990.

Ash and his family emigrated to New Zealand in 1995, residing in rural Hunterville for ten years, before moving into Marton. He joined the Ruapehu Lodge No. 128 in 2001 and transferred to Lodge Rangitikei No.38, Marton in 2003.  He has been Master of the Lodge three times. He is also a member of The Masters and Past Masters Lodge No.130. He was invested as Grand Steward in 2013, District Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2016 and District Grand Master in 2019.

Married to Jo for over thirty-eight years, they have two sons, Daniel and Jack, Jack is a Freemason and was initiated by his Father in 2008. Proud New Zealand citizen since 2010,  company Director for three busy Marton based companies, Alf Downs Street Lighting Ltd, ADS Lines Ltd and Lighting Expression Ltd.  Health and safety go to person, Keen gardener, boatie, amateur web site designer,  photoshop user and all-round software geek, never a dull moment. Jo is very supportive of Ashley’s Masonic Career and is with him on any Masonic occasion she can attend.
John Pennell
District Grand Director of Ceremonies
John is originally a qualified builder from Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, England.  John emigrated to New Zealand with his family in 2003.

He was initiated into The Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge No. 47, Palmerston North, on the 14th May 2009, age 45. Passed on the 9th July 2009 and raised on the 10th September 2009. John is also joined Lodge Pa-Ka-Ma No.319, in 2012.  John was Worshipful Master of The Manawatu Kilwinning Lodge in 2015,  Invested as a Grand Steward in 2016 and now District Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Married to Beverley since 1983, John and Bev have two daughters, Charlotte and Georgia and three grandchildren.  John is Managing Director for his own busy company, Auto Chip Ltd, trading as Mr Dingman, panel repairs.  Proud New Zealand Citizen since 2019.

John’s real passion is going to car shows with his Grandsons and particularly enjoying all various Jaguar models.  He also likes to spend time in the garden and sight seeing around New Zealand, when he can. Bev is also very supportive of John’s Masonic career and attends as many activities as she can.
Chris was initiated on the 16th November 2010 at the age of 33, into The United Lodge of Wanganui No. 468, Wanganui.  Passed on the 15th March 2011 and raised on the 21st June  2011. Chris became Master of the Lodge in 2018.

Chris is also a member of The Royal Arch and is 1st Principle of that order. He is also a member of the Knights Templar and the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, SRIA.

Fearing the planned closure of the Mars Whanganui pet food factory, Chris has recently has been employed in a full-time position with the Department of Corrections as a Corrections Officer at a local Prison facility.

He is married to Angela, who is a Reflexologist and they have three wonderful children, Arden, Meadow and Baylana.  Ange is thoroughly supportive of Chris’s Freemasonry and joins with the other ladies with refectory at The United Lodge of Wanganui.

One of Chris’s favourite pastimes is a round of golf, which he finds relaxing and he is always eager to have a hit out on the course with anyone who’s willing.
Christopher Tagoai
Grand Steward
Neil Baggott
Grand Steward
Originally from the UK, Neil also emigrated to New Zealand some time ago, and currently lives in Whanganui.

Neil was initiated into Freemasonry on the 5th December 1996, age 38 , passed on the 17th April 1997, and raised on the 9th October 1997.  A member of The St. Andrew Kilwinning Lodge No. 79 in Whanganui, Neil has been Master of this lodge twice, firstly in 2002 and secondly in 2010.  He is currently the Director of Ceremonies of the Lodge.

Neil is also a member of the Royal Arch Chapter 23 and currently holds the position of past first principal. He is also a member of Lathos Rose Croix 4.

Employed as a full-time Corrections Officer with the Department of Corrections, Neil is looking forward to retirement in the near future.
Central Division