Central Division

Brethren all,

I trust you are well and keeping occupied in these uncertain and troubling times: let’s trust it will not be too long until we can resume our lives with some sort of normality.

As I pen this, I am aware that our dear W. Brother, Bob Jagger is in hospital suffering extreme breathing difficulties and I’m sure I speak for all in wishing a positive outcome for his situation.

With the lockdown, it’s naturally been extremely difficult masonically and with the inevitable backlog of meetings and the number of Initiations pending within the district, this is set to continue for some time. Please ensure that dispensations for postponements, cancellations, extra meetings etc. are applied for in the prescribed manner.

The Special Olympics campaign with emphasis on Taranaki is progressing well and we should be able to make a real difference to our local organisation more particularly as we are able to resume meetings and funding. I had organised our two Taranaki SO organisers, together with athletes to address a meeting to be held at Darnell Street. This still will take place as and when with notification to lodge secretaries. As per my recent e. mail, those lodges and individuals wishing to support our locals can still use the Divisional A/C as long as it is marked Special Olympics Taranaki to ensure the funds achieve the relevant subsidies and earmarked for our region. With limited space for lettering when internet banking, I suggest SO TAR should suffice for the Divisional Treasurer.
The Account number is 06-0501-0871840-00.

Following our GL meeting in Inglewood, I trust those in attendance are giving due consideration to the respective Lodge Champions and their roles in both Lodge and District.

I also take the opportunity to thank you all for support at this time and to assure you that it is fully reciprocated. With that, I will be most pleased to help in the rearrangement of missed meetings etc. so if your lodge is experiencing difficulties, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All for now.

Be positive, be safe and look after each other.


An Update on Happenings in the Taranaki District

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Greetings all,

I trust this finds all the Taranaki Brethren and families well and not too “stir crazy” given the current situation.

Just to keep you up to date as to what has been and is happening in the district.

As most are aware Manaia and Patea are merging with events going forward apace. Congratulations to W. Bro. N.A. (Alan) Johnston, P.G.Swd.B. on his taking the reins as Master of Patea Kilwinning No.18 for this interesting period, great to have an experienced helmsman overseeing the course.

With the ‘lockdown’ there will be a backlog of events to handle once the lodges are again operational and I would ask the Lodges to be patient as we catch up on the outstanding business.

The Taranaki Masonic Trust is not meeting at this time and given the write-down in assets owing to Covid19, we will have to see where we are at as and when. I am aware that there are applications and again these will be processed at the earliest opportunity. The District Charity Officer and Grand Almoner are both available should needs arise for members.

Going forward, I am pleased to advise that W.Bro. Roger Gregory has again taken the reins as Dist. G.D.C. subject to investiture and congratulations to W.Bro. R.H. Marshall who is to be invested as Grand Steward.

At this time, it is a good opportunity to keep in touch with each other by ‘phone or text and of course, especially for Lodge Officers,  to hone the ceremonial duties of their respective offices and to learn any particular charge/address they may be interested in.

You will note that on the National Website, there is a regular update from our G.M. and likewise, your Dist.G.M. will provide local information.

The Divisional G.M. and the respective Dist.G.M.s meet via conference call every week so as to inform brethren of developments.

Please do not hesitate to ring if there are any concerns.

Best regards and take care.

Be safe,