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The table below shows summary information of recent Passings. If you would like to view the full database, including funeral time and venue information click here to be taken to the database page.
As Masons we are taught to respect death as a natural part of life. A Masonic funeral is often the last opportunity to reflect on how much a Brother meant to us or to his Lodge and to say our final farewells.

The Central Divsion website has introduced a new service to enable Lodges to notify the passing of a Brother; for users of this website to be notified when a Brother passes; and to view the database of recent passings.

The purpose of this new feature is to make it easier for you to keep track of departed merit; and notify you of the funeral arrangements so that you can consider attending.
Date of Death Title First Name Last Name Rank Lodgename
2022-08-02 WBro Peter Klue Past Master Rangitikei
2022-07-04 Bro Alasdair McNab Master Mason The Saint Andrews Lodge
2022-07-01 WBro David Stephen Past Master Petre
2022-06-26 WBro Stan Ralston Past Master Lower Hutt
2021-10-14 WBro John kelly Past Master The Petre Lodge
2021-07-11 WBro Donald William Viles Past Grand Organist Rangitane
2021-06-30 Bro Bert GT Grand Master A Lodge
2021-06-29 WBro Brian Harris Past Master Saint Andrews
2021-06-20 WBro Robert (Bob) Alger Grand Standard Bearer Wharite
2021-05-12 Bro Doug Yarrall Master Mason Lower Hutt
2021-04-18 WBro Peter Curran Past Master The Baden Powell Lodge
2021-03-13 WBro Norm Just Past Grand Organist Mana
2021-03-04 WBro James Thompson Past Master New Zealand Pacific Lodge
2021-02-17 WBro Don Bray Past Grand Sword Bearer New Zealand Pacific Lodge
2020-10-17 WBro Michael (Mike) Edmonds Past Master The Baden Powell
2020-10-06 WBro Evan Jones Past Master Lower Hutt
2020-09-11 WBro John Williamson Past Master Zetland
2020-07-29 VW Bro Herbert Eoin Wimsett Past Grand Almoner Windsor
2020-07-19 WBro Walter (Wally) Ryde Past Master Mana
2020-07-19 WBro Frank Martinus Joseph Vandenberg Past Grand Standard Bearer Pa-Ka-Ma
2020-06-06 Bro William Maskery Master Mason Lodge Mangaroa
2020-06-05 Bro Harold Cummins Master Mason Windsor
2020-05-13 Bro Robert (Bob) Tait Master Mason New Zealand Pacific Lodge
2020-02-14 WBro Denis Russell Master The Baden Powell Lodge
2019-12-30 WBro Jim Mepsted Past Grand Standard Bearer New Zealand Pacific Lodge
2019-12-17 Bro John Frost Master Mason Lodge Mangaroa
2019-11-23 WBro Graeme Rhodes Past Master Rangitikei
2019-11-16 WBro Peter Oatley Thomas Past Master Trentham
2019-10-29 Bro Louis Howell Master Mason Trentham Lodge
2019-09-07 WBro Ernest Burgess. Past Master Windsor
2019-09-06 VW Bro Norman Bitters Past Grand Director of Ceremonies Scinde
2019-07-10 VW Bro Allen Johnson Past District Grand Master Rangitikei
2019-07-06 Bro Brian Hunter Master Mason Mana
2019-06-01 WBro Ian Levingston Past Master Scinde Lodge
2019-05-12 WBro Jim Drummond Past Master New Zealand Pacific Lodge
2019-05-11 WBro Bob Rule Past District Grand Director of Ceremonies Lodge Mangaroa
2019-05-06 VW Bro Allan William Donald Ainsworth Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master Omarunui
2019-05-03 WBro John Brookie Past Grand Deacon Lodge Mangaroa
2019-04-06 WBro Alan Jarden Past Master Waikanae
2019-03-23 WBro Duncan John Hart Past Master Rangitikei
2019-03-21 WBro Clinton Johnson Past Grand Sword Bearer Waikanae
2019-02-27 WBro Peter Ropiha Past Grand Standard Bearer The Lion
2019-02-24 WBro Harold Falla RH Past Master Lodge Zetland
2019-02-24 WBro Harold Falla RH Past Master Lodge Zetland
2019-02-24 WBro Harold Falla RH Past Master Lodge Zetland
2019-02-16 WBro Barry Jobson Past Master St Andrews
2019-02-16 WBro Barry Jobson Past Master St Andrews
2019-02-06 VW Bro Ian Lawson Past Grand Lecturer Lodge Apanui
2019-02-02 WBro Alex Ross Past Grand Bible Bearer Mana
2019-01-20 WBro Robert Stewart Past Master Waikanae
2019-01-04 VW Bro James Edwards Past District Grand Master The Petre Lodge
2018-12-06 WBro Maurice Munro Past Master Scinde
2018-11-27 WBro Brian Taylor RH Past Master New Zealand Pacific Lodge
2018-11-15 WBro Colin Young Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Mana
2018-10-23 Bro Thomas Simpson Master Mason Waikanae
2018-10-21 Bro Bud Lavery Master Mason Mana
2018-10-08 WBro Ray Arbuckle Past Master Herbert Teagle -Taia
2018-10-04 WBro Malcolm Davidson Past Master Rangitikei
2018-09-11 Bro John Holmes Master Mason Windsor
2018-08-10 Bro Robert Alexander Petrus (Robbie) BOERBOOM Master Mason Te Awahou Lodge
2018-07-21 WBro Rowan McNab Past Master Hawke's Bay Daytime
2018-06-27 WBro Donald Barry Sarten Past Grand Standard Bearer Ikaroa
2018-06-20 Bro Albert Shiels Master Mason Lodge Zetland
2018-06-14 WBro Kenneth John McLennan Past Grand Standard Bearer Scinde Lodge
2018-06-08 WBro Graham Harrison Past Master Pa-Ka-Ma
2018-06-08 WBro Graham Harrison Past Master Pa-Ka-Ma
2018-03-26 VW Bro Dave Wolstenholme Past Grand Chaplain Lower Hutt
2018-03-25 RW Bro Tony Smith Past Divisional Grand Master Lower Hutt
2018-03-25 RW Bro Tony Smith Past Divisional Grand Master Lower Hutt
2018-03-04 WBro Leo Mumford Past Grand Sword Bearer New Zealand Pacific Lodge
2018-02-23 RW Bro John (Emmo) Emmerson Past Deputy Grand Master Frimley
2018-02-17 WBro Stephen David Hassan Hill Past Master Aquarius
2018-01-23 WBro Norman Higham Grand Standard Bearer United Taranaki
2018-01-09 WBro Donald H Holyoake RH Past Master Taranaki Daylight
2018-01-04 MW Bro Danial Holmes JP QSM P G M Past Grand Master Lodge Ikaroa
2017-10-27 WBro Robin Prichard Past Grand Deacon Scinde
2017-09-01 RW Bro Richard (Dick) Esler Past Grand Warden Lodge Mangaroa
2017-08-20 WBro Peter Haynes Past Master Eketahuna
2017-08-16 WBro Bob (W.R.) Garratt Past Master Lower Hutt
2017-08-15 WBro Alan Hunt Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Hawke's Bay Daytime
2017-06-19 Bro David Dentice Master Mason The Saint Andrews Lodge
2017-06-18 WBro Ian Mackenzie Past Master Windsor
2017-06-13 RW Bro Matthew Tweedie Past Grand Warden Te Mata
2017-06-03 VW Bro Frederick Thomas Fraser (Eric) Sweeting Past Grand Chaplain Waikaremoana
2017-06-03 WBro Hector Robert (Hec) Mayhead Past Master Waikaremoana
2017-05-15 WBro Peter Single RH Past Master The Services Lodge of Hawke's Bay
2017-01-29 WBro Angus Russell Past Master St Andrews Lodge
2017-01-19 WBro Eddie Deonarain Past Master St Andrews
2016-12-05 WBro Graham Brabin Past Grand Bible Bearer Empire Fergusson
2016-10-30 WBro Peter Dawe Past Grand Sword Bearer Scinde
2016-10-19 RW Bro Vincent Rabone Past Grand Warden Pakama
2016-07-19 VW Bro Gordon Riach Past Grand Almoner Lodge Otaihape
2016-06-26 WBro Ken Odlin Past Master Lower Hutt
2016-06-23 WBro Joe McTaggart Past Master Ngatiawa-Russell
2016-06-20 Bro Michael Wolf Master Mason Westminster Lodge
2016-05-11 WBro Ronald Potts Past Grand Deacon Westminster Lodge
2016-03-27 WBro Alan Tolra Past Grand Bible Bearer Lodge Waikanae
2016-01-28 WBro Heaton Haglund Past Grand Standard Bearer Waihenga St Johns Lodge
2016-01-19 Bro Glenn Love Master Mason Trentham
2016-01-18 WBro Derek Ricketts Past Master Scinde Lodge
2016-01-14 Bro Rodney Grindey Junior Warden The Baden Powell
2016-01-08 WBro John Tobin Past Master Waikanae
2015-12-28 WBro Raymond Clark Past Master Waikanae
2015-10-24 Bro Bert Proffitt Master Mason The Coronation Lodge
2015-09-12 WBro David Guiton Past Master Wiakanae
2015-08-17 Bro David Joyce Master Mason Stokes Valley
2015-08-12 WBro Alan Drummond Past Master Waikanae
2015-08-06 WBro Albert Henry Inteman Past Master Pakama
2015-08-05 WBro Clifford Turner Past Grand Almoner Lodge Te Puni
2015-05-12 WBro Alan Eastergaard Past Grand Deacon Lodge Te Puni
2015-05-06 WBro Lee Keno Past Grand Standard Bearer The Coronation Lodge
2015-04-21 WBro Keith Bowman Past Master The Coronation Lodge
0000-00-00 WBro Harry Scott Past Master Pakama
0000-00-00 VW Bro David Goodhue Past Grand Director of Ceremonies Taranaki Daylight
0000-00-00 WBro Graham David Harrison Past Master Pa-Ka-Ma